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Motivating strangers to donate money to your fundraising organization can become a really daunting task unless you learn how to come up with efficient fundraising letters. In order to have such efficient fundraising letters, you should pay attention to the following tips in order to make the best out of your efforts.

  • Start by making your message really relevant for all your potential donors. Remember that your fundraising letter has to talk about things that are really important to each of your potential donors. Donors are more likely to watch and listen to things that interest them as well – so, they will be more interested to read a fundraising letter that addresses their own interests. In the best cases, your fundraising cause and what is relevant to your potential donors could be the same thing. By making each of your fundraising letters as relevant as possible to each of your potential donors, you will be able to stand out in the crowd and gain their financial support for your fundraising cause.
  • Using a make-the-difference language is paramount when it comes to designing the right fundraising letter. Remember that your potential donors will act like genuine investors as soon as they give their money away. So, they will be really interested to find out more about the way their money will be spent. By using the so-called make-the-difference language, you will let your donors know why your organization will use their money in order to fulfill a particular fundraising cause.
  • Each of your donors needs to be empowered in order to avoid his/her fatigue. You can do this through your fundraising letter – make sure that your donors really understand that your organization is to be regarded as an useful agent in their own personal missions when it comes to helping other people and make the whole world a better place. Also, you should show your donors how past donations are put at work because such a proof is to be regarded as a genuine and powerful motivator when it comes to making a difference thanks to the donated money or items.

Remember that what you are truly aiming for when writing the fundraising letter is the so-called feel-good factor. You will have to communicate with your donors and let them know how their money/gifts make the recipient feel. Appealing to their heart and head is paramount when designing a fundraising letter because plenty of potential donors are likely to be strongly motivated by their own emotions instead of their intellect. So, in order for you to attract new donors and keep loyal donors as well, you must learn how to appeal to both heart and intellect.

Just make sure that each of your fundraising letters is written with plenty of passion that appeals to every potential donor’s empathy and compassion. Also, you should write with some clear-headiness as well in order for your donors to perfectly understand that their gifts will be tax-deductible. Explain to them more about the exact part of their gift that will go to your organization; let them know about how much of their money is going to cover just the administrative expenses and make them perfectly aware that listening to their rational reasons is also recommended when it comes to supporting your fundraising cause.             

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