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Keeping your fundraising letters fresh and creative year after year is a difficult task especially if your fundraising needs have not changed too much. The first place where you should start looking for new ideas is your own field. By looking at your own field, you may create a memorable direct mail campaign – the only thing that you will have to do is to try and focus on raising money for a general fund.

Another useful source when it comes to creative ideas that are to be used in a direct mail campaign is your own front line staff. For instance, the members of your organization who carry out an important part of your fundraising work face to face with your potential donors are likely to provide you with valuable stories to tell. These stories are all about the genuine needs of your fundraising organization and all the people who have been helped by your fundraising team.

Just keep in mind that many of your needs can actually be translated into efficient fundraising appeals – for instance, you may request money for a general fund in order to have a certain need met. Each of your fundraising needs can easily become your next best compelling theme that can be used in your direct mail campaign. Milestones are another great source for creative ideas. So, if your fundraising organization is celebrating one of its anniversaries, you may use this occasion in order to provide yourself with the right ingredients for your next compelling appeal.

Also, you should include your past successes in each of your fundraising letters regardless of their theme. Just make sure that you translate your precious milestones into a very compelling proof that your fundraising organization actually needs a continued support from each of its donors. Then, put this proof on paper in order to come up with a really convincing theme for your fundraising letter. Keep in mind that the key to having fundraising letters that are a joy to read and engage the reader is to try and present your fundraising works in as many and new ways as possible. The best places for you to look for new and fresh creative ideas are your staff, volunteers and clients.        

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