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When writing a fundraising letter, you should start with an effective and attention grabbing device. For instance, you can go for a personal story, a quote, a heartbreaking statistic or an amazing fact. Keep in mind that each of your fundraising letters must be engaging and personal. While it’s true that your recipient may not be keen on reading each of your words, he will definitely read the beginning of your fundraising letter and its end.

So, make sure that the end of your fundraising letter is all about a strongly worded phrase, namely your call to action. Also, your readers are likely to always look for a signature that comes from a person they known and even respect; make sure that each of your fundraising letters is signed by a person whose voice is more likely to make the most sense when it comes to the story your fundraising letter is telling.

Remember that fundraising letters allow you to speak to your prospect in a direct manner and you can use this in order to create an effective one-on-one feeling. So, you should spend some time evaluating and even rethinking your fundraising letters before you start writing. Also, you should keep in mind that such fundraising letters come in several varieties and before starting to draft yours, you should consider all your possibilities in order to choose the perfect fundraising letter type for your organization.

According to Mal Warwick, one of the acknowledged masters of fundraiser letters, fundraising letters come in the following types. First, there is the so-called acquisition letter – this type of fundraising letter is sent to a list of new prospects that can become your next donors. The welcome fundraising letter is sent to people who have just become your donors – this type of fundraising letter is to be regarded as a little welcome message that is very likely to go a long way when it comes to your donors’ interest and loyalty.

The special appeal letter will urge each of your donors to try and contribute additional amounts of money for your worthwhile and special fundraising cause. Such a fundraising letter may come with a deadline as well. The year-end appeal letter is one of the most common fundraising letters that is sent during this particular time of the year when people feel more altruistic and generous.

The so-called high-dollar letter will aim at powerful and rich donors, inviting them to join your cause and send you a generous amount of money. Also, this type of donation will provide these people with a valuable excuse to earn several PR points and also get a sizable tax-deduction. The up grade appeal fundraising letter is all about asking your donors to ratchet up their current support and become members of a more exclusive team/circle of  donors. The renewal fundraising letter is sent out in order to renew present commitments and raise extra money.       

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