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Even if you manage to write a really terrific fundraising letter, this could turn out to be a real waste of time once your donor decides to throw it right in the trash without opening it. This is the main reason why the envelope you use for your fundraising letter is a crucial item. For instance, you should go for an envelope that can intrigue your potential donor and appeals to really noble motivations. Also, the envelope itself must provide your supporter with at least one reason to open it.

When planning a direct mail fundraising letter campaign, you should keep two things in mind: first, the envelopes you are using must deliver your fundraising appeal to each of your potential donors and secondly, you have to do everything you can in order to choose an envelope that can persuade your supporters to open it and read the whole package.

Also, you should remember that your fundraising organization faces real competition from other organizations and your envelopes are likely to be ones of the many that are sent to your potential donors on a regular basis. This is the main reason why you should go for envelopes that really stand out from the crowd: its size, look and weight are going to determine whether your letter will be opened and read or just thrown to the garbage bin. Here are some tips for you to use in order to get irresistible envelopes for your fundraising letters.

Go for oversize windows or your envelopes - for instance, if you want to mail a particular premium, you should make this premium appear right through the oversized window of the envelope you use. Going for unexpected dimensions is also a wise thing – for instance, you can go for smaller or larger dimensions that the usual #10 window. Multiple windows can also be used once you decide that you have something really interesting to show to your recipient.    

Unique addressing can also make the difference for your fundraising letter and you should make sure that each of your envelopes is addressed by hand in order to make the recipient want to open your letter. Also, you must make sure that you use every inch that is available on the envelope – for instance, you may go for intriguing and appealing photos that cover both sides of the envelope.

Using commemorative stamps is also a wise way to make your envelope stand out from the crowd. Additionally, placing a message for your potential supporter on the back or front of the envelope is a wise move too – just make sure that you use his first name.

Adding personal touches such as hand-writing various notes on the envelope is effective too because it provides you with a wide range of creative ways to design compelling envelopes. Once you get an irresistible envelope for your fundraising letters, you are more likely to get higher response rates and even a higher income for your fundraising organization.     

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