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The key to organizing a successful fundraiser for your organization is learning how you can work in a smarter way and not harder. Once you learn how to organize everything in a smart way, you will operate your fundraiser in a productive, efficient and profitable manner without having to spend a fortune or too much time.

The first step when it comes to working smarter is managing to be organized. So, you will have to make sure that your fund raising committee has been provided with a complete understanding of every fund raising goal and direction. For instance, every member should know and understand his/her own responsibilities and what exactly is expected from him/her.

Properly coordinating the fund raising responsibilities and remaining organized will keep you focused and right on track when it comes to reaching the common goal. Once you manage to get your fund raising plan and your members in place, you will have to turn your attention and focus on the proper execution of your fund raising event. This is when you will have to take proper advantage of all the resources your organization has in order to operate more productively and get the optimum results without having to exhaust your efforts.

Taking proper advantage of all the current methods and technologies that are used in the present business world is by far the best method you can use. Such technologies are often overlooked and fund raising organizations tend to not include them in their planning. For instance, methods such as telephoning, faxing or e-mailing can provide you with some excellent results and this will happen with just a little bit of effort and expense.

For instance, one of the best ways for you to use in order to work smarter than ever is by creating and assembling some e-mail lists of all your current, future and previous supporters or potential donors. Such a list will offer you a great foundation when it comes to organizing your future fundraisers – you can use the list in order to have your campaign implemented because you already know all these people. Also, they are already familiar with your organization and fund raising cause and once they have chosen to support your organization in the past, they are very likely to do the same now or in the future to come.

Every person from your fund raising committee must gather and submit all the e-mail addresses belonging to potential supporters or customers in order for these addresses to be maintained in your contact file. You should provide your organization with such a list because it will turn out to be quite valuable when planning a fundraiser and it will offer you the necessary foundation for kicking start to each of your future fund raising events or campaigns.

Also, you can compile the fax numbers and mailing addresses of every potential supporter, professional or personal. Keep in mind that is much easier for you to conduct a fund raising campaign with your previous or current customers than to try and generate some new customers. Keep in mind that the success of your fundraiser is to be regarded as a combination of both people who are on your list and new customers. Make sure that you cultivate your list on a regular basis and you will be provided with a great foundation for every fundraiser you plan to organize.   

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