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Tips on Organizing a Cheerleading Fundraiser PDF

Just having a really good fundraising idea will not make a great fundraiser. A very good fundraising idea is important when it comes to attracting your potential donors but you need more than this in order to have a successful fundraiser. So, if you think that a cheerleading fundraising event is what you need in order to raise the necessary funds, you should pay attention to the following ideas in order to make your event a real success and raise all the money you need for your cause. 

  • Start by using all the resources you have in your fundraising organization. For instance, these resources may include online features and functions(such your Internet page),equipment, materials and even manpower. You can use Internet to promote your cheer leading fundraising event – you can use discussion forums, social networking sites and even blogs in order to promote your charitable event.
  • Being truly motivating for your team is another important aspect when it comes to organizing a cheerleading fundraiser. Keep in mind that most of your people are likely to get involved and work on a voluntary basis and you will have to keep them motivated in order for them to do their job well. For instance, you can use a fundraising thermometer in order to measure your team’s progress when it comes to organizing your cheerleading fundraiser.
  • You must plan everything cost-effectively in order to expand all your fundraising efforts and get the full potential of your cheerleading fundraiser. Setting your goals is paramount when it comes to organizing your cheerleading fundraiser. So, you will have to ask yourself whether you have valid reasons behind your fundraiser and, as long as you are truly satisfied with your answer, you should continue by being absolutely clear about all your prime highlights. Also, you must come up with the right location that can host your cheer leading event.
  • Getting technical is a big challenge when it comes to organizing a cheer leading fundraiser. You will have to focus on all the technical sides of your event. For instance, you must consider whether you are planning to have a real back-up coming from another non-profit organization. If this is your case, your fundraiser will receive some contributions that will be tax deductible. The other main objective of your cheerleading fundraiser is that you will have to come up with an authentic case that can support your fundraising efforts. So, you will have to provide yourself with some valid documents at hand in order for all your raised funds to get exempted from various taxes. Also, you will need to carry all the relevant records in order to spot your cheerleading fundraising event and prove its non-profitable stance once you deal with any inquiry.
  • Acquiring all the legal papers your fundraiser needs in order to have its legitimacy proven is a huge task you have to take good care of. For instance, you will have to go right to your Board of School Directors in order to have this job done for your cheerleading fundraiser. Being selective and careful about each member of the school board you want to certify your fundraising documents is paramount and you will have to go for members who have some special abilities and have a really genuine concern when it comes to your fundraising cause.
  • Once you get the school's board to back up your fundraiser, you will have to accept the rules they formulate in order for your fundraising organization to follow them. Also, the board will be the one that will assume the necessary responsibility for many things related to your cheer leading fundraiser. For instance, human resources, planning, policies and budget are likely to fall under its preview and they will stay at the board’s discretion.  Also, you will and Executive Director in order to preside over the fundraising board and take all the necessary decisions concerning the fundraising ceremony. Go for an expert who has all the professional competency in order to guide the rest of the team/board and act as a true leader.        

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