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Once you decide that it’s high time for a school fundraiser, you will have to focus on the aspects listed below in order to maximize your fund raising efforts.

  • Start by focusing on the incentives and prizes with value because they are the most important aspect when trying to determine the future failure or success of your school fund raising campaign. For instance, you may even sell a really horrible product and do it quite well once you know how to motivate your volunteers and students in the correct way.
  • In order for your incentives and prizes program to go really well, you will have to motivate your students to play an active role – you can do this by targeting each of your prizes for a specific demographic – the one that makes up the school. So, you will have to offer prizes that are appropriate for your students’ age and make sure that these products may get their parents excited about too. For instance, there are many schools that forget about targeting the students’ parents as well when developing the incentive plan.
  • So, you should make sure that you include an interesting factor as a main part of your fund raising prize program because this way you will manage to get their attention for good. For instance, if the school is filled with 6-13 year olds, you should come up with an incentive plan that includes items appealing to your students and that would impress their parents as well. While a trinket type of prize may go really well with your students, their mothers are more likely to trash your brochure.
  • Keep in mind that choosing a wrong incentive for your fund raising group may turn out to have a really negative impact on the school fundraiser you plan to organize. But it’s not enough to offer a really great prize for your students. You will also have to get your fund raising message home – the best way to do this is by showing your fund raising prizes at the school right on the same day when your fund raising brochures go home. For instance, you may come up with a prize brochure or a parent letter that pictures your fund raising prizes in order for your students to show these prizes to their parents.
  • Keep in mind that you must make sure that the parents get the right idea about your school fundraiser. Sales coaching is paramount as well when planning to organize a school fundraiser. Once you come up with a really worthwhile incentive program, each of your students will get it done. Also, you should coach your students how to ask their parents, friends and relatives to take your fund raising brochure at their workplace as well. Their relatives might take turns in order to take your fund raising sale brochure and show it to other people.
  • Safety is a major concern when organizing a school fundraiser and you will have to motivate each of your students to sell just a maximum of 20 items. Keep in mind that higher sales will also require your students to go far beyond theirs safety net, namely their friends and family. So, you should regard this as a real child safety issue. Make sure that you reward the students who sell just 5-20 things because this approach is likely to involve more students and double your previous sales as well.

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