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Are you heading up a fundraiser for a civic group or other nonprofit organization? Don't overlook the importance of setting goals for your fundraising activities. Of course you want to earn as much money as possible, but this phrase does not represent a true fundraising goal.

The success of any fundraising program depends on the ability of the volunteers or paid staff members to successfully solicit participation from past, current, and new supporters. Whether your fundraising team is selling candy door to door, hosting an online auction, or directing a capital campaign to solicit cash contributions from major donors, specific goals are essential for success.

Goals are a powerful motivator in any sales effort, and that is really what a fundraising campaign is. As the leader of a fundraising effort, you can really fire up the people who are working on behalf of your group or organization by setting the right types of goals.

When you set a goal for a fundraising campaign, it's important to make sure that the goal is high enough to push the workers to put forth extra effort, but not so high that they don't believe it will be possible to reach. Goals that are too high actually backfire. No one wants to miss a goal.

If people see the goal is impossible, they're not likely to put forth 100 percent effort. After all, missing a goal is the same no matter how hard you try. However, if participants see the goal as realistic, they'll push themselves harder than you may have even dreamed possible, just to make sure they meet or exceed what is expected of them.

In the absence of goals, people aren't really sure if their efforts are on track or not. They might work hard, but they might not. Goals give people a way to figure out if their efforts and results are on track or not, and can motivate renewed dedication and even harder work.

Don't forget the importance of celebrating goal accomplishment with your team. People love to be recognized for reaching or exceeding the standards set for them. When you reward your team for a job well done, the members will work even harder the next time they are called on to meet or exceed a fundraising goal.

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