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With a bit of time and effort, your organization can organize a successful youth fundraiser and avoid the possible problems down the road. In order to organize a successful youth fundraiser, you should pay attention to the following tips in order to make the best out of your time and efforts.

  • Start by knowing your market – you really have to know everything you can about your own community and start thinking about other fundraisers that have been organized in the past. Keep in mind that people may be willing to donate but simply they do not have the necessary money to spend on various items that are not likely to have an immediate value.
  • Secondly, a big production is likely to be quite a hassle but it will also pay off. For instance, you may try and go for a carnival that offers donated items. You may send home notes to your participants’ parents in order to ask them for candies, few liters of juice or everything you think that would be a perfect giveaway offered by your fund raising carnival. Also, you may go for catwalks as well or ask big stores to donate things such as little stuffed animals in order to offer them to your participants.
  • Get important businesses to donate setups and food and think about having free entries with value added wrist bands that allow your participants to play a particular game by paying an individual ticket price. Even if such fund raising endeavors will require more time and efforts, they will pay off in the end.
  • Thirdly, you will have to set the time in order for the bills or forms to be turned in – make sure that this happens at least 4 or 5 days before your actual due date. You will have to do this in order to find out how much money your youth fundraiser has managed to make.

If donating for a wide range of charities is extremely easy for an adult by just writing the necessary checks, for children, this isn’t an option – for instance, many kids are not likely to be able to make the true connection with a material item and a check. So, you will have to choose other ways in order to raise money through youth fundraisers.

For instance, you can go for a candy fundraiser. The main pros related to this type of youth fundraiser include the fact that candies are quite cheap and they can be resold for greater profits in order to raise the necesasry funds for your organization. So, you can go for name brand candy and make sure that every participant has enough money in his/her pocket in order to have such a candy. The main cons about a candy fundraiser include the fact that candy melts and you will have to pay more attention to the storage space you decide to use in order to prevent candy from melting and spoiling your fund raising efforts.

Keep in mind that, basically, every youth fundraiser has to look for products that have the following features in order to make your fund raising efforts successful. So, you will have to choose a product that does not rot, expire or melt too easily. Also, go for a product that does not have a very large cost per unit regardless of the profit you are planning to make. Plus, you must make sure that you go for products that everyone is likely to use – once participants remember your product as being extremely useful, they will be more likely to continue to support your fund raising efforts and cause. Choosing products that do not require lots of storage place is a wise idea as well.

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