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Simple yet Efficient Ideas for Organizing a Youth Fundraiser PDF

When planning to organize a youth fundraiser, you must focus on making the event as fun as possible because your young participants will be the ones who will do most of the work and they really need to enjoy themselves while doing it. Keep in mind that a youth fundraiser can turn out to be really profitable once you know how to do it in the right way. You will get the necessary funds and also provide true fun for your young participants. Here are some of the best ideas in order for you to organize a profitable youth fundraiser.

  • If you manage to find someone who may donate the necessary space, you can go for a carnival because this may be a wonderful and funny youth fundraiser. Also, you may have a fund raising auction because these two types of fundraisers can be brought together without having to spend a fortune.
  • Once you decide to go for both of them in the same time, you will have to organize every single detail in order for your youth fundraiser to go off successfully and smoothly. For instance, you will have to make sure that each of your young participants knows exactly what is expected of her/him and every task that needs to be done in order to raise the necessary funds.
  • You may organize a youth fundraiser carnival without  having to spend too much money on it. For instance, you can go for a fortune teller with a table and glass ball or for a ring toss table in order for your participants to try their best and toss tings around the available empty bottles. Come up with interesting small prizes for every person who is successful. Remember that youth will get involved in such a carnival fundraiser once they discover how much they like to act and play games.
  • Also, you may go for a fund raising auction during the carnival because it is a quite neat way to get the necessary funds. For instance, you may have your young participants go through their community and try to collect some interesting items that some people do not need anymore. Also, you may get your young participants to donate items or games that they do not need anymore. Once you manage to accumulate  enough items for a fund raising auction, you may start it by having all the items set up in a larger area and establish the exact time for viewing them.
  • Once your prospective buyers see all your fund raising items, you may continue by starting your fund raising bidding. Have a set price in order to start with it. Anything that will be bought above this initial prize is to be regarded as icing on the cake and provide you with more funds that you are asking for. 
  • A sponsored event is another wise and fun idea you can use for a youth organizer. For instance, you can go for a 24 hour sport event, sleepover or walk sponsored by local firms. Photos may be used as well when organizing a youth fundraiser – arrange for your photographer to come and establish a date for his/her visit. Next, you will have to book the necessary time slot for children and their families in order to publicize this event. Also, you will have to arrange levels of commissions on all the photos that are purchased. Plus, you must ensure that there are plenty of flyers distributed. 

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