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It's impossible for you to predict the exact amount of money your fundraiser will produce. But it's always a wise idea to set a fund raising goal regardless of the amount of money you are planning to raise in order to make sure that you have the money to cover the expense implied by a fundraiser. For instance, if you are planning to go for a scratch and win fund raising, you will have to purchase the necessary items.

If you want to raise a particular amount of money, you should decide where your excess money will be deposited or used – by doing this, you will manage to avoid possible confusion in the future. A scratch and win fundraiser is among the highly efficient and low cost fund raising opportunities and you should use it for the benefit of your fund raising organization. Keep in mind that your fund raising rate is going to increase as soon as you start using scratch and win cards. Whether you want to thank your supporters, promote your fund raising cause and organization or hold an efficient fundraiser, such cards are guaranteed to come with unmatchable excitement.

The main benefits of a scratch and win fundraiser include low costs, creating an increased awareness for your fund raising organization and high efficiency when used for charities, organizations or schools. A scratch and win fundraiser can work out miracles for your organization because it is profitable, easy and quick. It can also create the necessary awareness towards your fund raising cause by using a winning technique that is both inexpensive and exciting. However, when planning to use such a scratch and win fundraiser for your organization, you will have to follow some important steps in order to reach all the maximum profit capabilities.

  • Start by setting a goal for your organization to reach – setting a goal will provide your organization with a target to aim and all your volunteers and team members will have this goal built in their minds. This will make them perform even better.
  • Have your goal written down in order to track its progress along the way.  As your fund raising team sees your goal approaching, they will become more interested to work faster and harder.
  • Once you have your fund raising goal clearly defined, you will have to come up with the necessary deadline in order to reach this particular goal. A deadline can keep your team motivated and right on track.
  • Finally, you may consider offering some incentives to the ones that raise the most money and perform the best. You may get your participants motivated by doing the following thing - every person who completes  the scratch card will enter a drawing for cash prizes, movie tickets or even a blockbuster gift card.             

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