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It's all too common these days for high schools to have big plans but a lack of money to see them through. So rather than wait around for some revolutionary hike in funding from the Government, get busy planning your very own fundraising campaign!

The best thing about high school fundraising is that you have easy access to enthusiastic and energetic volunteers – the students! High schools also have a strong community presence, so it’s easy to get extra support when need be. We’ve put together the top fundraising activities that will work best at high school. But first, a few tips before you get started:

Know Your Audience

Whether you need funds for the whole school or a smaller group like senior class or the football team, you need to make sure you choose an activity that suits the target audience for fundraising. The good thing about high school students is that they usually have their own money to spend from part-time jobs, meaning that fellow-students can easily be encouraged to donate.

Have A Plan

Working with large groups of young people, it’s easy to get lost or lose momentum. So the best way to stay on track is have a target amount of how much money you want to raise (this will also help you decide on what type of fundraiser you’re going to use) and get a plan in place. This way it will be easier to communicate your needs to donors and students will be able to stay focussed on the target.

Engage The Community

Getting out and about in your community can often double or triple the potential amount of money you can raise. Ask the local radio station to jump on board and help with promotion, get an article in the newspaper, seek sponsorship from local business and even consider going door-to-door to raise awareness about your campaign. The more people you get on board, the more likely you will be to generate the funds you need.

Product Drives and Savings Cards

One sure fire way to raise a lot of money is to host a fundraising drive where you sell something at a high profit margin. Here are some of the best options for your high school fundraiser:

Candy Bars

An oldie but a goodie, this never-fail fundraising program alway s appeals. You simply sign up with a program, get your box of chocolate bars and sell them around the school. Parents can also take a box with them to work, where their co-workers will no doubt appreciate the mid-afternoon sugar hit! Hershey’s offers a wide assortment of bars for just $2 each, or you could go for the more traditional $1 bar approach, such as America’s Variety Dollar Bar at WOW! Fundraising.

Coffee Club

An alternative to the candy bar approach, coffee is an appealing product to young adults and their families. There is a range of companies that run coffee fundraisers and many have the added benefit of only offering free-trade coffee products, such as Grounds For Change.

Pizza Discount Cards

There aren’t many teenagers that don’t love pizza, so why not capitalize on that with a pizza discount card?! Cards generally sell for $10 each and have offers such as “buy one get one free” which can be used up to 20 times. Not only do you make $9 profit per card, but you’ll keep pizza lovers everywhere very happy! With this pizza fundraising card from Easy Fundraising Ideas, you can choose from a range of well-known pizza franchises, or sign up your own local pizzeria and receive 10 bonus cards for free.

Scratch Cards

Great for small groups like a sporting team or school band, scratch cards are one of the most profitable ways of raising money. You simply distribute the personalized scratch cards and supporters scratch off  the amount they’ll be donating, with the potential to raise up to $100 per card. Donors are then given a tonne of coupons for their generosity. BRL Scratch Cards have a range of cards to choose from and you’re bound to find the perfect card to fit your group.

Cash Savings Cards

Every one loves to make savings when they go shopping, and it’s even better when the savings are going towards a good cause. Cash Savings cards usually cost donors between $2 and $5 (depending on the savings offered) give buyers membership to savings clubs where they can save up to 75% on certain purchases! There are lots of schemes available online, like the Buy For Charity City Savings Card where you choose which local businesses to include. Or, you can choose to go for the bigger name stores with the Money Savings Card.

Fundraising Events

If you’re looking for something a little bit different that’s going to generate excitement and fun at your high school, why not organise a fund-raising event instead?! Events like bake sales, used book fairs, mini-golf tournaments or a community car wash always generate a lot of interest and are a great way to get the community on board. If it’s your school band that you need money for, why not put on a concert where you charge a small admission and invite the art class to donate paintings to sell at the venue?! You can also invite local businesses to donate prizes and sell raffle tickets on the night.There are a range of events that work really well in raising awareness and funds, all you need is a little creativity and man power and you’re on your way.

Still in search of some inspiration? You can get a free catalogue of more than 60 high profit fundraising activities at Easy Fundraising Ideas. Good luck and happy fundraising!

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