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The secret to direct mail fundraising can't be found in how your organization sends its message or in what your team says, but in the reason why your organization addresses the potential supporters. This secret can be found in the truth and not in the techniques your organization uses when trying to raise a particular amount of money. Your cause must be a true one and you will have to start by motivating your supporter and make him/her donate right from the start. People need to understand why they should help your organization. The donors’ needs come first and not yours. If your organization decides to raise money by using the direct mails, you will have to make sure that your case statement is effective and meets the following criteria: it has to be clear, credible and compelling.

Be clear – you will have to make a clear and distinct connection between your need (the one that is being addressed) and the way your donor’s gift may meet this need. Therefore, you should stay away from spending your ink on trying to describe the whole problem. Stick to the essential details and don’t use too many exclamation points in order to plead for support. Keep in mind that your potential donors really need a reason to donate money to your organization - money follows the mission. The clearer the link you make between their money and your mission, the more likely they are to donate/respond with a significant gift. Your organization must have a compelling and clear reason to exist and this reason must be presented in a very persuasive and concise manner. Therefore, you should spend time, effort and money in order to prepare each of your cases for support. Your organization can’t raise the necessary funds without this case.

Be credible – every donor must believe that your fundraising cause can be supported and that your problem needs funding in order to be solved. Your organization must be credible when trying to convince people that it has the necessary expertise and people to solve a problem and use the donated funds in order to do this. Every donor must believe that his/her money is a vital part of the solution – the donors must believe that each of their gifts can be worthwhile and meaningful. It is all about making the difference.

Be compelling – the main goal of your fundraising cause is to try and present problems that demand urgent solutions. Therefore, each of your potential supporters must see the problem, the challenge that is involved, the goal of your organization – so, be compelling because a good case is not all about the money. On the contrary, it is all about making a difference for other people’s lives. One of the biggest mistakes the fundraising organizations tend to make is watching the cash and not their supporters. You must avoid making this mistake – instead, you should try and look far beyond the dollars you get and see your supporters. Keep in mind that, without these people, your organization wouldn’t have anything.

If your organization uses the direct mail fundraising, your main goals are to acquire new donors and retain them. Here are some metrics for you to follow when measuring your fundraising success: first, you will have to pay attention to the conversion rate of the first-time donor – it is the percentage that shows you how many first-time donors have given a second gift to your organization. Next, you will have to consider the renewal rate – this is the percentage of supporters who have given money to your organization during the last year and the current year as well. They are the donors who have “renewed” their past gifts.  The attrition rate is the third rate you should consider – this is the percentage of donors who has stopped giving on a yearly basis. By paying attention to these metrics, you will be able to design a direct mail fundraising strategy that will generate a significant net return on your initial investment and keep all your costs at a quite reasonable level.     

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