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The difficult part in every fundraising campaign is figuring out what you can do next in order to raise more money for your cause. Unfortunately, many fundraising ideas are likely to require a significant amount of money to have them started up. However, this is not the case with lollipop fundraisers as selling lollipops does not require too much money. In order to have a lollipop fundraiser, you will have to bought them in large bags; go for basic flavored lollipops as they are really inexpensive when bought in large bags. These lollipops can be sold at a lower price and you can get a significant profit margin by doing this.

Make sure that you keep all your prices low enough in order to encourage more and more people to buy your lollipops and help you raise the necessary funds for your fundraising cause. Just keep in mind that getting too greedy and wanting to aim for higher profit margins is going to have a negative effect upon your fundraising campaign. Increasing your sales is important but you have to try and represent your fundraising cause in the proper way. For instance, lollipops can be used in order to have your sales increased during raffle or auction fundraisers. Also, you can go for lollipops that come with the same color scheme as your fundraising cause – for instance, if you try to raise funds for breast cancer, you should go for pink lollipops.

Selling lollipops for your cause is a very versatile idea as they can be used for practically any fundraising event mainly because everyone is likely to love a lollipop. This way, you can target your fundraising sales to young children, teens and adults as well. Fundraising lollipops can be found in a wide range of shapes and flavors and some of the most popular ones include green apple, cherry cola, chocolate, tangerine and strawberry kiwi. Also, such lollipops are already available in a wide range of shapes including heart, star, bunny, treble clef or bear shapes. For instance, if you are planning a fundraising event for Valentine’s Day, you should go for lip or heart-shaped lollipops in both sour and sweet flavors.

Keep in mind that with lollipop sales, it will all be about your location sales. So, you will have to setup your sales tables in a very high-traffic area and make sure that you have all your selections out on display in order to attract more people. For instance, you can use posters and signs in order to explain your fundraiser and provide your customers with your prices. Also, you should go for an attention grabbing slogan because this could help you raise more funds. The whole idea here is to try and be a little bit outrageous in order to make people want to stop and purchase lollipops from you instead on keep walking on by.   

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