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Many fundraising organizations decide to sell a product in order to raise the necessary funds. Some of the most popular fundraising products include the food items, candles and discount cards. When you are looking for the right fundraising product to sell, you will have to do your homework in order to make a wise choice. First, you will have to keep in mind that people are very likely to complain when too many organizations have way too many fundraisers. For instance, if your supporters know that your fundraising organization is going to ask them to buy even more products in the months to come, they will buy fewer products. Therefore, it really pays to have just a few fundraisers and make them quite different because selling the same products over and over again can backfire.

Another thing donors complain of is the low quality of the fundraising products – they have to pay a high price for such low quality items. So, your organization should choose products of a higher quality because this thing alone can make people want to buy more. These two main complaints are to be considered when looking for the right fundraising product. Start looking for products that can offer your donors a very good deal. For instance, the discount cards can work miracles because people will purchase them knowing that their initial investment will be paid off. Sell fundraising products that your donors need or buy often – by choosing a unique or useful item, you can get around the existing competition coming from other fundraising organizations.

The volunteers who handle the fundraising product sales will have to take proper care of the product – they will have to pay attention to the product labeling, packaging and quality. Train your volunteers to take notice of the following details. The fundraising product must be made by trustworthy processors that have good manufacturing practices. Therefore, if your fundraising product is a food item, you will have to check the available ingredient statement. The fund raising products must be clearly labeled and properly packaged – the product labeling must have the necessary instructions on handling or storage. The volunteers should also read the answers to some FAQs on selecting the right fundraising products.

You will have to know how much money every volunteer must raisefix a realistic target based on sound estimates and the group’s needs.product sales will depend on your own capability to offer apex quality merchandise, premier profit levels and a range of reasonable prices. For instance, you might think of choosing the fundraising products that your team enjoys selling. You should also choose the fundraising product depending on your own choice, motivation and confidence. Time is another key element when choosing the fundraising product because you need to know how soon your organization needs the money. For instance, if you have to raise the necessary money within just two weeks, you should try and raise the funds by using the direct-sale products. But if you have four weeks at your disposal, you might consider the order-taker brochure because this may be the ideal solution for your fundraising needs. Keep in mind that the fundraising product sales will depend on your own capability to offer apex quality merchandise, premier profit levels and a range of reasonable prices.            

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