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When your organization starts searching for the right fundraising company, you will have to pay attention to the following hints in order to make a wise decision and not waste your money and time. Start by making sure that your fundraisers will sell good quality products. Choose fundraising companies that may offer you good products because they will increase the chances for your supporters to ask for them again and again.

Make sure that the fundraising company you choose can offer free shipping. For instance, although some fundraising companies may require small minimum amounts of products sold, you should be aware that you do not need to incur extra costs – the shipping ones on each of your fundraiser items. However, the minimum amount of products sold is most likely to be low enough so that every nonprofit group can meet it.

Another tip regards the items that are delivered pre-sorted by every participant. For instance, for the person who is in charge of your fundraiser, this aspect is to be regarded as a real plus when it comes to choosing the right fundraising company. Nowadays, more and more companies become interested to offer this particular service in order for the nonprofit organizations to save money, effort and time. So, all the fundraisers items will arrive in packages or boxes that have already been clearly marked with the name of the sellers right on them in order to remove the need for sorting the fundraiser items as soon as the order arrives.

Another aspect that is essential when looking for the right fundraising company is the fact that your organization must make at least 45% profit – just make sure that your organization does not settle for anything less because there are many companies that can offer you such a profit or even a larger one. All the necessary materials for your fundraiser must be provided without any up front costs.

There are fundraising companies that might charge you for all the materials that are necessary in order to conduct your fundraiser, materials that include samples, brochures or catalogs. Also, there are plenty of companies that will not charge you for these materials – so, remember to choose a fundraising company that can provide you with all the necessary materials free of charge so that your organization will not incur start-up costs. 

The first thing you should think of when looking for the right fundraising company is that such companies are designed to be profitable business. So, you will have to choose a reputable fundraising company that your organization has researched in order for both your requirements and needs to be easily fulfilled and met. If you are planning to operate each of your fundraisers on the pre-order basis, just make sure you are provided with quality sales materials. For instance, high quality professional brochures must be included in your plan.

Make sure that the brochures you plan to use have plenty of pictures of all the products together with detailed descriptions that must be printed in type faces that are easily read. Make sure that the fundraising company you choose can provide you with the necessary order books together with all the materials that are needed in order to sale the fundraising items. Keep in mind that most reputable fundraising companies are likely to make these necessary items available to your organization without any costs.

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