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How to Promote Healthier School Fundraisers PDF

When it comes to organizing a truly healthy fundraiser, you should realize that this is not to be regarded as an overnight business. Your fund raising organization will have to devote substantial energy and  do meticulous planning especially if you plan to organize school fundraisers. A school fundraiser may become a great platform that can be used in order to promote the constant need for a healthy lifestyle.

As regular consumption of sugar content, junk food, saturated fats and foods high in fats is likely to increase the possible chances of getting Type 2 Diabetes or getting obese, you must adapt your school fundraiser in order to come up with really healthy fund raising alternatives that can be used in order to promote healthy nutrition and eating among children, teenagers and young adults.

Schools play an essential role in children’s development and you can use your fundraisers in order to incalculate just the right food habits. This is the reason why you should adopt a health policy that will serve as a genuine guideline for organizing each of your school fundraisers. Such a healthy fund raising policy must be developed after you have conducted a really extensive research regarding child nutrition in general and healthy laws of your state.

Once you manage to come up with a proper and healthy fund raising policy, you will find it easier to organize school fundraisers in the future. Also, a healthy fund raising policy will provide your vendors with the necessary idea about the exact types of foods you want to get for your fundraisers. For instance, fries, chocolate, chips and pastries are to be regarded as a no-no when it comes to organizing a healthy school fundraiser. You may choose to promote your fundraiser as an event that may follow all the nutritional guidelines.

For instance, with some healthy alternatives to the common fried foods, your school fundraiser is more likely to be a real success with teachers, parents and kids as well. Keep in mind that schools may be extremely concerned about the kids’ eating habits and they may want to promote healthy eating habits in order to avoid candy bar or cookie sales, especially if these take place on school property or during school day. For instance, in such cases, you must not tempt children with a school fundraiser that offers chocolate chip cookies right during a school day.

It is true that chocolate bars and even cookies have less nutritional value and must not be considered as healthy fund raising options. These foods in or of themselves are not to be blamed for causing the rather poor state of health that affects many children – overindulgence in them is to be blamed, especially if it is combined with few physical activities or the lack of them. Here are some healthy fund raising ideas for you to use when planning to organize such an event in a school.

  • For instance, the best and healthiest option you have is the one that includes physical activity. You can go for a walk-a-thon, especially if you plan to organize a fundraiser at an elementary school. You can ask students to walk laps just around their school yard or sports field. They, at their turn, may get their relatives, family and friends to make some pledges for each of the laps or units they complete. Such a fundraiser is a great way to have physical fitness promoted together with healthy fund raising.
  • Other similar fundraisers may include jump a thons or bike a thons. Also, you may consider organizing a skating night at your local skating ring or holding a car wash.         


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