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The term “fundraising fatigue” refers to the individuals who have been asked to donate money too frequently and who become reluctant to make donations to a fundraising organization. If you have already encountered this “malady” in your own fundraising organization, you will have to rise above this in order to bring in all the money your fundraising cause needs. Here are some strategies for your organization to follow in order to combat the cases of fundraising fatigue right from the start.

Start by checking your community calendar before committing to the next fundraising timeline. Your team must do its homework and research the other fundraisers that may target the same audience. It’s highly important for your organization to choose a particular niche/window in order not to conflict with other fundraising events that may put your potential donors in a tougher financial situation. Forget about assuming that your organization will become every family’s donation priority because this is not the case. 

Make your fundraising event fun – the fundraising events must not become a burden for your potential donors. People really like to have fun, enjoy themselves and try a wide range of new things. So, your team must come up with a new theme – take a closer look at some quality fundraising ideas right here. Make sure that your organization doesn’t fall into the rut because this might have a negative impact on your fundraising efforts.

Another thing you might try is to consider various groups of people for different fundraising events. You can achieve this by focusing your marketing efforts in order to set a new and clear theme for each of your specific events.

If your organization is interested to get money from local businesses, you will have to give these businesses time to prepare. It is wise to send letters in order to let them know about your event well in advance. Let them know that your organization plans to ask for their support. By sending these letters well in advance, you will allow them the necessary time to set something aside for your organization or to arrange for the necessary check.

Your organization must spread out all its volunteers in order to make sure that you don’t burden the same group of donors – burdening valuable donors guarantees the fact that your organization will lose them for its future fundraising events. So, try and keep an eye out for new potential donors and volunteers.

Be extremely specific about how the funds will be spend and why they are needed because there is no faster way to lose your donors’ support than not providing them with detailed information. For instance, if your organization raises funds for a general operation, you should let your donors find out about it in order to avoid the questions afterward.

Stick to the initial plan and continue your communication with the donors in order to keep them updated on the fundraising process. Let your donors know how close your organization is to reaching its goals and how your volunteer picture looks.

Don’t forget to say “Thank you!” each time you receive a donation. Make sure that your donors and volunteers know how much your organization appreciates them because a genuine expression of your gratitude can work miracles for their morale.You can also find out more about building the right relationship with your donors here.         

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