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A fundraising campaign is all about the right planning – plan every single detail and you will achieve the best results. When trying to successfully administer a campaign, think about finding a good cause – the money must be raised for a cause that every donor can get behind. Each of your efforts must utilize as many volunteers as you can – go looking for trained people who can help you raise the necessary amount of money. The fundraising plan you have must be developed in order to include special events or auctions. Once you have this plan, you will have to market it in the right way.

Marketing is an useful communication process that can be centered on a particular service or product – in your case, the marketing will be centered on your fundraising campaign. Marketing should be used in order to increase a particular awareness towards your campaign and make people donate money to your organization. Within all the marketing tools, there are plenty of them that can be used in order to market your campaign. For instance, you can use television, newsletters, radio, mailings, word of mouth and e-mails in order to make people find out more about you and your organization. When planning a marketing strategy for your campaign, you should keep in mind that all these marketing tools must be used in a particular time frame in order to achieve the wanted results. Every time frame must be a sort of leading edge into your efforts during your whole campaign.

Start by gathering the right team – a team that can market your campaign. Recruit individuals who know something about marketing – you can even recruit professionals too. The marketing directors coming from various business areas or people affiliated with your local public media could be the best choice you have.But first, you need to know that there are plenty of public media outlets that can advertise your fundraising campaign at no cost. These are the public service announcements. You can also start looking for your local radio and television stations – they can include you as a guest star in their morning shows.  Another marketing tool you can use is finding businesses that have marketing dollars. The only thing that you will have to do is to submit your proposal to a particular business because this can be your chance to tap into some marketing dollars. How can you accomplish this? By asking that particular business to sponsor your fundraising campaign event and provide you with the appropriate advertising. This is a win-win situation you should not leave aside because it can make the difference for your success. The company will be allowed to advertise its own name in your community by portraying itself as the sponsor of your fundraising cause.

Here are some marketing techniques you can use too - evangelical marketing (this marketing technique has nothing to do with your religion but it does involve searching for a wide range of ways to influence and inspire your potential donors to talk about your campaign), viral marketing (the message of your campaign will be passed along via e-mail or word-of-mouth), guerrilla marketing (an unconventional tool that can be used in order to get the maximum results from your minimal resources), fundraising events sponsored by a company or individual in order to increase the awareness toward your campaign and PR, a communication process that involves talking to people and influence them to have particular opinions or attitudes.     

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