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If your nonprofit organization is among the small-size ones, you should try and get the help of a fund raising company that can raise significant support and money for your cause. A reliable fundraising company is to be regarded as an excellent addition to each of your fundraising campaigns.

However, you must make sure that you complete due diligence right before hiring any fundraising company that will raise the necessary funds for your organization. Keep in mind that your reputation will be at stake at the end of every day. Here are some tips for you to follow in order to make the wisest choice regarding a fundraising company that has the necessary resources to work for your organization.Start by selecting 3 fundraising companies that your organization is really interested in hiring.

Next, you should ask each of them to submit an exact fundraising proposal that may meet your fundraiser’s requirements. Keep in mind that each of these proposals must address the following aspects: ways that fundraising company plans to make use of in order to raise the necessary funds for your organization, the exact amount of time that will be required in order to coordinate your fundraiser, all the resources that will be required from your organization, the possible costs for implementation and a full list of current and previous clients of that particular fundraising company.

Also, you will have to request the names of some of the current references together with the permission to contact each of them. Remember that references that are older than 3 years will not be useful. Also, you will have to ask each of the references the same questions in order to find out what every reference liked or even didn’t like about a fundraiser that had been organized by that particular fundraising company.

Next, you should compare the targeted goal amounts with all the actual amounts of money that have been raised in order to identify the particular success rate of the fundraising company. Compare every success rate to your own anticipated success rate in order to decide which fundraising company is the right one for you. Determining the exact amount of money that is going to cover each of your administrative costs regarding every donation comes next because all your administrative costs will become the expenses you will incur in order to run your fundraiser.

The administrative costs will include all the costs that are likely to be associated with the fundraising company you choose to hire. For instance, if more than 20-30 cents per every dollar the company raises will go to administrative costs, your organization will experience trouble when trying to get donors to support the fundraiser. Remember that your potential donors are very likely to start asking for this particular piece of information - you must be really willing to support the fundraising company selection. 

Also, you may try and conduct an online search in order to find out more about the top 3 fundraising companies – once a client is particularly unhappy with the services provided by such top fundraising companies, you will be more likely to find this out when browsing the internet. 

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