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How Can I Sell My Fundraising Calendars? PDF

Once it’s time to start selling and distributing your fundraising calendars, you will have to find out exactly how you are planning to do it. Whatever kind of layout and design you have used for your fundraising catalogue, you must make sure that you come up with a particularly effective distribution plan in order to guarantee that your fundraising calendars are purchased by the right people. Here are some tips for you to follow in order to make a success out of your fundraising calendar campaign.

First, you will have to consider the initial distribution of your fundraising calendars – distribute your calendars towards your colleagues/members because they are the perfect “target”. Remember that social network marketing has an unbelievable power when it comes to getting a decent number of willing supporters/buyers. So, the easiest way to start distributing your fundraising calendars is by giving them to your colleagues first.

Next, you will have to consider the so-called extended initial distribution, namely you will have to tap your own family and friends for the necessary calendar distribution. For instance, people who are really close to your heart will be more likely to be open-minded and help you sell your fundraising calendars, especially if your cause is a really worthy one. The base distribution is what comes next – you will have to consider your offices, branches or owned locations in order to distribute and sell your calendars.

You should try and deploy your fundraising calendars to each of these locations and also put up a visible sign for sale. This way, all the people who will pass by these places might get really attracted to purchase your calendars especially if the marketing sign and the design of your fundraising calendar are appealing enough. Targeted distribution is also to be considered and you will have to know where your possible customers are – get proactive with your calendar distribution and sale and try to target your sale to a real market that interests you.

For instance, you can try going to specific locations and events where your target audience is most likely to be concentrated in – this way, you will easily sell lots of your fundraising calendars to the people who are most likely to be responsive to your cause and efforts. Start researching all the specific events that can make the difference for your distribution plan. By going directly to the target audience/location, you will increase all your chances of receiving great returns from your efforts through fundraising calendars.            

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