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How Can I Recruit Volunteers for My Smencil Fundraiser? PDF

Smencils are types of pencils that feature a wide range of gourmet scented oils. Scented pencils can become a really unique fundraiser idea mainly because they can add extra thrill and fun to the boring and old task of writing. This is the main reason why they make excellent fundraiser products to offer people. However, if you are planning to run a smencil fundraiser, you will have to follow the basic scheme that can make your fundraiser a real success.

Start by setting objectives and goals for your smencil fundraiser. These goals and objectives will help you and your volunteers to know exactly how much money you are planning to raise and how much money you are going to need for your initial costs. Next, you will have to set the starting date and the ending date of your smencil fundraiser. Keep in mind to base your fundraiser timeline on the exact number of scented pencils you are planning to sell.

Once you have your timeline set, you should have it divided in several different parts – set specific timelines for each of your fundraising tasks in order to determine your exact pacing and whether you manage to be on schedule or not. Another important aspect of any smencil fundraiser is assigning the necessary tasks to your volunteers. So, you will have to do this based on your volunteers’ own capabilities. A good way to start is by approaching persons who are truly sympathetic of your fundraising cause.

For instance, if you are planning to hold your smencil fundraiser in order to raise funds for a public elementary school, you should start by approaching the parents of the students who are studying in that particular public school. Their parents and relatives are the most likely to roll up their sleeves in order to help you improve the educational experience their children have. Also, you should try and approach people who posses the drive, value and ambition to sacrifice a part of their precious time for your fundraising cause.

When searching for volunteers for your smencil fundraiser, common sense is mandatory – so, you should start by approaching potential volunteers who are tied to your fundraising cause and who can really widen up your fundraising scope from a particular spot. Aside from approaching and convincing people to join your fundraising cause one by one, you should also try and send fundraising letters to relatives, family and friends.

Additionally, you can make posters and post them on various bulletin boards that are scattered across your own community in order to attract more potential volunteers.  Approaching your local TV or radio station or your local newspaper is a wise idea as well – for instance, you can try and ask for a smaller ad space from a local newspaper or give an announcement by using your local TV or radio station as such stations have programs that allow public announcements to be done for free.     

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