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The non-profit organizations dealing with daycare have few means of sustaining their activity. Fundraising is among these and it is usually accomplished through direct sales and brochures. Brochure programs can be used in order to promote fundraising because they are easy to use and they do not involve major risks or higher costs. Such brochures usually come with various programs for different seasons and they are updated on a regular basis. The latest items and ideas for fundraising are added; for instance, products such as gift-wrap, household items, pies and cookie dough are included in such catalogs.

The fundraisers will cater to a wide range of necessary requisites – such requisites include kits and awards for the beginning of the campaign. The volunteers can market the brochures and products in order to bring out extra sales. An inventory will be needed in order to list all the products that are to be sold by the volunteers.  They will be expected to sell the products, deliver them and collect the necessary payment from every customer.Some fundraising companies will require the payment before the sales while others will wait until all the products are sold.

The daycare volunteers will be provided with the fundraising brochure they need in order to convince every prospective supporter. The brochure comes with an order form – for instance, if the volunteer is selling just one item, he will have to carry a sample of this item in order to show it to the prospective supporter. The supporter will select the article or an item from a wider range and place his/her order on the existing form. The fundraising organization will have to ship every item to the fundraiser and the volunteer will be the one who delivers the items to the supporters, according to the order form. All the funds will be collected right on the delivery of these items. If you are planning to organize a fundraising campaign for daycare, set your goals (you can find out more about this here) and pay attention to the following tips:

  • Sell products with the help of the fundraising companies; almost anything can be sold – greeting cards, candles, magazines or candies.People are not likely to turn down a genuine opportunity to buy everything they want at a lower price. But keep in mind that such fundraising campaigns will require many volunteers and a lot of money because you will need to buy items in order to resell them.
  • If you have a daycare center, you can rent the building every weekend or every night because daycare is most likely to operate at morning. You can rent the space to children groups or churches – by doing this, you will be able to raise the necessary amount of money and pay for the facility. But keep in mind that the people who rent out your space must maintain the cleanliness.
  • Another thing you can do is to transform the space into another recreational center and you can do this every weekend. You will raise the money and you will also provide the teens with a safer environment they can use in order to play and dance.
  • You can also ask people to donate various items such as clothes and toys in order to transform a part of your facility into a store that sells used items. All the items can be resold but make sure that every item abides with the existing safety rules regarding the children.
  • Another creative way to raise money is to take photos of all the children who are doing activities; post these photos into a bulletin board and invite parents to choose from them or to have them copied. You can charge a reasonable sum for this. Whatever method you decide on, you will raise money to use with your daycare.


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