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One of the key factors when it comes to organizing a successful fund raising event is to manage to follow up with each of your supporters, participants and volunteers soon after one of your fundraisers has been completed and its numbers are already tallied. Taking the necessary time to find and add your personal touch is likely to go a long way when it comes to impressing your sponsors, volunteers, participants and supporters. So, you should take the necessary time to send a thank you card to each of them.

Thank them for their support and time spent helping your fund raising organization. By sending such thank you notes, you will make sure that they attend your future fundraisers. Next, you should try your best and find out everything you can about all the ending results of your fund raiser. For instance, you should find out how much money your fundraiser has raised in total and communicate the results to your participants in order to make them more willing to participate to your future fundraisers.

Make sure that you thank all your volunteers as well. You should not forget about your merchant contributors. In fact, you should debrief them regarding their results from participating to your fund raising event. Make sure that all the records are gathered, copied and stored in a safe place. Communicating your fund raising results to all the persons who have been involved in your fund raiser is paramount as well – just inform every person who has taken part to your fundraiser because nothing is going to charge up your fund raising organization better than its proper celebration.

Next, you should give proper recognition to each of your volunteers and try to enjoy the sound of victory together. This is going to motivate your volunteers to work even harder at your future fundraisers. Also, conducting a post-mortem analysis is a wise idea as well and you should do this as soon as your fundraiser is completed. Record impressions and gather pieces of information while everything is fresh – make notes about all your supplier relationships, all the process problems together with the aspects that will need extra fine-tuning for your future fundraisers. All these pieces of information need to be gathered for your future fundraisers.

Additionally, you should try your best and brainstorm together with your fund raising team in order to write down all your possible ways when it comes to improving your future fundraisers. For instance, you may try and circulate some written evaluation forms in order to gather some multiple viewpoints that may be used for your permanent files. Making intelligent plans while the rest of your team is still excited from your success is a wise idea as well.

For instance, you can think about the way you plan to increase your current number of volunteers and promote all those volunteers who really excelled this time around. You may promote them to fund raising positions that come with more authority. Asking for your merchant supporters' opinion is to be considered as well in order to find out what you can do in order to improve your future fundraisers. All the records are to be reviewed in order to guarantee completeness and save time when you will be interested to organize future fundraisers.                       

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