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Using cards as a fundraising method can provide your organization with a personal touch that is extremely appealing. You can have the fundraising cards professionally designed or you can use your volunteers’ talent in order to design them. The fundraising cards must list the specific fundraising event or cause in order to reach a larger group of people. They will become aware of your fundraising cause and feel good about being able to help you. For instance, if you have large companies in your area, you should approach them for their financial support. You can do this in exchange for your organization making some custom cards for them. This is a win-win situation because such large companies can support your fundraising efforts and you can fundraise with reliable donors.

The fundraising cards you use must have a quality design and content – take your time in order to plan this because these cards are likely to speak volumes about your organization or fundraising cause. Make sure that your fundraising cards exude quality through their content and design. Your organization must have everything planned in the right way. So, you will have to know more about the way your fundraising cards will be designed, about how and where these cards will be printed. The distribution of these cards must be taken into account too because you have to reach a large group of people in order to raise the necessary funds. You need to know how much you are going to charge for each of these cards.

The card fundraising can become extremely profitable for your organization once you learn how to plan everything and how to have every step of the process implemented. But you shouldn’t forget that the fundraising cards are supposed to help your organization raise some extra cash. Therefore, if your initial expenses are too high for your organization to cover, your fundraising efforts won't be successful. For instance, you can try the holiday cards because such cards are common fundraisers. You will be selling boxes of cards that include 5 cards that have different designs. The boxes of cards may be specific just to one holiday or they can be a mix of holidays (cards designed for Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year). The theme cards can provide your organization with extra funds as well because they can address universal themes such as birthdays, celebrations, personalization and so on.

Your organization can also use the scratch card because this method is profitable, easy and quick. The scratch cards can help you create awareness to your fundraising organization. This winning technique is inexpensive and it can help you generate serious donations while trying to create excitement throughout your campaign. By using the scratch cards in your events, you will have every participant complete a card that will be entered into the drawing for the cash prizes. You can also have each of your participants receive a little prize or offer the prize to the person who manages to raise the largest amount of money or completes most of the cards. This way, you will keep all your participants motivated – this is a tested method that works time and time again.                      

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