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When you're in charge of fundraising for an organization, donor relations is an important part of your job. It's very important to keep the donors you have happy. If you ignore donors once they have made contributions to your organization, it's likely that they'll direct their philanthropic efforts elsewhere when they are ready to give again.

Keep in mind that a cardinal rule of customer service is that it's much less expensive to keep the customers that you have than it is to go out and find new ones. This sentiment also holds true when it comes to nonprofit organizations. Keeping current donors satisfied is one of the most important keys to successful fundraising. Your donors must know their efforts are appreciated, and they need to be able to see signs that their support makes a positive impact on the cause.

5 Tips for Improving Donor Relations

1. Recognition - It's important to recognize your donors for their contributions. There are many different ways to provide recognition, including plaques, certificates, mentions in programs, naming awards after those who fund them, etc.

2. Thank You Notes - Sending thank you notes to donors is very important, but unfortunately is often overlooked. Thank you notes should be hand written and personalized. They should be mailed within a few days of receipt of any donation, no matter how large or small. They should never be sent via email, and they should not be form letters.

3. Newsletters - Those who contribute to your organization should receive periodic newsletters, providing information about major accomplishments and milestones. It allows those who have made donations to see how their funds are being put to use. The newsletter can also be used as a tool for recognizing donors.

4. Special Events for Donors - It's a good idea to hold periodic events that are open only for donors. By allowing donors a special opportunity to tour your facility, or to attend special events just for them, you are providing positive reinforcement for their financial support.

5. Make Donors Feel Appreciated - No matter what you do or how you do it, you must make sure your donors feel appreciated. If you take your donors for granted, you are likely to lose them to other organizations who reach out to them and court them for future donations.

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