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Tips on Organizing Your Online Charity Auctions PDF

There are plenty of ways to raise awareness and money for your meaningful cause – among them, online charity auctions are a smart method to raise significant funds without having to spend a fortune. Online charity auctions can easily be regarded as a cost-effective and efficient way to expand your present reach and even engage new supporters who are willing to donate goods or money to your fundraising cause. For instance, bidders are likely to feel that they are benefiting twice from your online charity auction – once, they will receive the wanted items and twice, they will help you raise the necessary funds for your cause.

By putting your charity auction online, you will build extra traffic to your website and even create extra commercial sponsorship opportunities that can be used for your fundraising campaigns. Online charity auctions are well known for their enhanced ability to create a genuine halo effect around their features – you will get the necessary support and also gain an extra online exposure to a highly targeted audience that can make the difference for your further fundraising efforts.

However, it has been claimed that an online charity auction deprived the fundraising campaign from lively excitement and benefits brought by the more traditional live auctions. But this isn’t true as you can easily combine all your bids online with your present live bids and place them effectively enough in order for your supporters to bid and even drive your winning bids much upwards. In order to have your own online charity auction, you can register and create this event by integrating it into your fundraising website. Here are some tips for you to follow in order to get the most out of your online charity auctions.

First, you will have to use all your communications channels in order to market your auction. So, you will have to make sure that you incorporate local radio, television stations, social media and email into your marketing campaign. Next, you will have to solicit sponsorships in order to cover your expenses – put your sponsors’ logo/name on your online auction home page in order to win desirable supporters. Listing all the jobs functions required by the online charity auction is another important element and you will have to enlist all the help you can get from people who posses the necessary skills to help you organize your charity online.

Make sure that you provide informative and creative item descriptions in order for your supporters to find them intriguing and interesting – also, you must include all your conditions and terms in these item descriptions. Setting some reasonable starting bids is what comes next – for instance, you should start your bidding at approx. 1/3 of the real value of your item. Staggering the constant addition of brand new items and promoting your online charity auction encourage return visits to your auction site.      

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