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Tips on Organizing a Candle Fundraiser PDF

A candle fundraiser is to be regarded as a really popular alternative when it comes to raising funds for your cause. Many people give candles as gift or have them burned at special occasions. If you plan to organize such a candle fundraiser, you should pay attention to the following details in order to make sure that you will get the best out of your efforts.

  • First, you will have to start by considering all the fundraising efforts that need to be done – think about how many candle fundraisers you are planning to organize during one year, how many funds you are planning to raise and what products you are planning to offer during your fundraisers. Keep in mind that potential donors tend to complain as soon as they think that there are too many fundraisers organized in just one single year. They are very likely to believe that they are pressured into donating money and they will become less willing to buy or donate.
  • Next, you will have to think about the timing of your candle fundraiser. Don’t forget that candles are great gifts that can be offered especially to women – so, you should do your best and choose a timing that can make your fundraiser benefit from this. For instance, you may go for a Pre-Mother’s Day or Pre-Christmas fundraiser in order to raise the funds you need – these are among the most effective timings because you will be more likely to sell candles. But you will have to make sure that each of the candles that are bought during your fundraiser will be delivered by the special occasion or holiday.
  • Once you decide that a candle fundraiser is the perfect opportunity for your organization, you will have to start looking for companies that may offer you really good prices that will allow you to gain the necessary profit when re-selling the candles. Make sure that your candles will have a similar price to the ones that people find in craft or department stores. Don’t forget that if your prices are too high, your potential donors will buy less. So, you should look for a company that comes with competitively prices because such prices will make buyers find it more convenient to buy candles from your fundraiser. Also, they will be glad that they can save their time- they will not have to go to stores anymore in order to purchase the candles they need.
  • Next, you may try and have your candles customized – you may use your own logo or a famous quote or you can go for Bible verses that are perfect for Holiday times. But keep in mind that such customization will cost you extra money. However, this will also make your candles more desirable as gifts. You should also shop around in order to see what types of candles are being sold in your local area; compare their prices and choose a design that you can sell as well in order to raise the necessary funds.
  • Another wise idea is for you to go asking your fundraising team about a proper design for the candles you are planning to sell. Once you start setting up your candle fundraiser, you will have to make sure that this event will not be held for too long. Several weeks are to be regarded as the perfect time frame for a candle fundraiser because this time frame will allow your volunteers time to sell and your donors to get their candles without having to wait for too long.          

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