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The "Donate Now" Button - User Friendly and Effective PDF

The success of every online fund raising campaign is likely to depend on subscription, volunteering, joining and watching rate. Once you decide to raise funds online, you will have to learn how to advocate for your own cause and how to acquire new donors and members on a regular basis. Having inspirational and clever online content is not enough when it comes to raising funds; you must have your online content coupled with optimization and a functional “donate now” button in order to make the difference in converting all your subscribers, advocates and other members into donors.

The donate button has a great impact upon online donations. For instance, using a small and standard “Submit” button is not a wise choice as you can wave good-bye to plenty of possible donations. Instead, you should provide your website with a donate button that comes with the right size and color in order to entice people to donate money to your fund raising cause. Here are some tips for you to use in order to optimize your current donate button and make the best out of its use.

Keep in mind that small changes and updates like this are very likely to increase the number of your visitors and potential donors. First, you will have to choose the right location for your donate button. Make sure that you place this button right under “above the fold” in order to eliminate the constant need to scroll and try to find the donate button. Make sure that your donate button is impossible to miss. Secondly, you must use a large button because size does matter when it comes to visibility. Also, the fonts you are using for your donate button must be eye-catching enough.

Thirdly, you must use vivid colors – go for contrasts that are likely to work much better when compared to the standard, gray button. Next, you must use specific language – go for a “Donate Now” button instead of a “Submit” button and make sure that this button can stand out from all the rest of your website content. Also, you should frame this button in a very compelling way – make sure that this button is all about your potential donor by providing a strong and really persuasive message, a genuine “call to action”.

Next, you must test all your links in order to avoid any broken link that could prevent donations from getting to the right place. The donate button must be put in on each of your website pages because the act of donating is immediate and you cannot predict what page will convince a person to become one of your donors. By doing this, you will increase the chances of getting more donations. Also, you should include the donate button in every communication tool you use. The donate button must be tested out because it has to be found in less than 3 seconds by any person who is looking for it.      

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