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Sustainable fundraising is much more than raising funds for your fundraising organization – it is all about making direct connections between the impact of every gift and the need to give. For instance, when one of your donors recognizes the fact that his gift has managed to permanently change a life, strong emotional response is to be expected – the donor is going to feel a genuine sense of fulfillment as he can recognize his opportunity to change the world through a small gift for your fundraising organization.

With such a strong connection, your donor will experience a greater sense of joy than you do. The key element in sustainable fundraising is the emotional reward that has a much greater value when compared to coffee mugs, key chains and other stuff used for fundraising events. Keep in mind that an emotional reward is going to be free and created only by your donor’s generosity. This is the main reason why the so-called reward step is so important when it comes to showing the impact to each of your donors.

For instance, you should encourage each of your donors to try and make designated gifts such as athletic equipment, books or scholarships in order to let the whole tuition pay for all the uncovered expenses. Make sure that you guide the giving process in order for the size of the donation/gift to have a measurable impact. Make sure that the gift is real because this keeps your donors in touch with your fundraising cause, a cause that they are supporting on a regular basis.

A real gift puts your donors in contact with your fundraising team without any gift-tracking process or breaching confidence. For instance, if your donors are not able to attend your fundraising event, they may create a genuine mental image of your event in order to provide themselves with emotional engagement. Keep in mind that engaging your donors’ heart is likely to raise their passion as well and this will guarantee that your supporters will stay engaged through your fundraising efforts and rough patches. This is what makes them give more sustainability to your fundraising cause.

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