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Are you looking for a way to simplify and increase the efficiency of your organisation's fundraising efforts? If so, mycause, a privately owned and operated corporation based in Victoria, Australia, may be able to provide the assistance you seek.

The mycause team specialises in providing opportunities for nonprofit organizations to expand their fundraising efforts. Nonprofits can create their own unique fundraising pages on, which can then be sent out to the group's supporters as well as friends, family members, and colleagues of those participating in the fundraising drive.

Additionally, each participating organisation's fundraising page is displayed on the website, and can be viewed by visitors seeking philanthropic donation opportunities. Donors, sponsors, and fundraisers have the opportunity to leave messages on the fundraising pages, which can serve as inspiration and also help boost efforts to raise more money.

Specialising in providing services to charities, volunteer and community organisations, and their support networks, mycause is dedicated to helping nonprofits raise money more effectively.

The company's mission is to make it as simple as possible for Australian charities, community groups, fundraisers and donors to connect with one another. mycause acts functions as an agent for the participating charities and community organisations, collecting funds on their behalf and disbursing them as intended in an effective and efficient manner.

The company also offers registration and receipting services, to facilitate smooth and simple fundraising activities. The team behind mycause has expertise in marketing, information technology, and project management, and is committed to the nonprofit sector.

What You Need to Know to Raise Money With

  • You can watch the progress of your fundraising efforts in real time on your fundraising page.
  • Donations can be made from supporters anywhere in the world via credit card, and will be recorded in Australian dollars.
  • Donations are paid to organisations every month.
  • Fundraising pages may be posted for any legal, registered charity, including the following: sporting groups, community organisations, religious groups, political campaigns, social organisations, etc.
  • It is not permitted to list more than one charity per fundraising page;¬† however, an individual trying to raise money for several organisations can set up multiple pages.

Ready to Raise Money With mycause?

If you're ready to start harnessing the power of the Internet to improve your group's fundraising efforts, visit today to start building your fundraising page.

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