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Managing larger numbers of people can become a daunting task especially if you have to do this for raising funds. While a larger group of people may raise the necessary funds in a shorter period of time and much easily due to the good ration between the number of funds that must be raised and the number of all the people who are involved in the fundraiser, it may become a genuine challenge to get all these people to do their best and commit to your fundraiser and play an active role in it. The main aspect when it comes to managing a large fundraising group is all about setting the necessary monetary goals and clear objectives for each of your fundraisers. 

Also, you must keep in mind that each of your fundraising events must be interesting, fund and meaningful enough for every individual who decides to take part in your event. The more interesting your fundraiser is, the more likely participants will contribute all their efforts. When trying to manage a larger fundraising group, you should pay attention to the following tips in order to make the best out of your efforts.

  • Start by organizing the core planning team. This is the first step that must be followed in order to organize a really successful fundraiser. You will have to set up a core planning team in order to make it responsible for the necessary planning of your whole fundraising event. Make sure that you select just the people who are really capable of carrying out the necessary tasks and who are knowledgeable for your fundraiser.
  • Next, you must make sure that everyone is involved in your event – once you have your core planning team formed, you should welcome ideas coming from outside or within your group. Having a larger fundraising team may mean that you will have more ideas at your disposal thus making your fundraisers more interesting and creative. For instance, you should set committees for funding, logistics and publicity. By doing this, you will facilitate the work of your core planning team – people working in this team will be able to focus on facilitating your planning process while the rest of the people may focus on other fundraising goals.
  • It's a wise idea to use all the available team’s connections because a larger fundraising group stands for more connections and contacts to be utilized. For instance, you may have your planning team get in tough with another fundraising organization that may be willing to support your fundraising cause. Just make sure that your fundraising team is fully aware of the core values and nature of business of all the possible sponsor organizations – these matters are to be known before approaching these possible sponsors. This way, your fundraising team will be able to come off as really serious and professional in each of its efforts to work with sponsor organizations.
  • Getting local artists and well-known personalities to participate in your fundraisers is a wise idea as well because their participation and generous donations may make the difference for the success of your fundraiser. Maximize publicity and utilize all the organizational ties you have in order to foster great relationships between you and your supporters.
  • And don’t forget to think green in order to reduce waste and help in recycling old items.                 

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