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Awareness raising fundraisers are among the most rewarding experiences you may have when trying to raise funds for your fundraising organization. Here are some of the best ideas you can use in order to plan awareness raising fundraisers that will make people remember of you and become your regular supporters.

  • First, you may go for calendar fundraisers. In this case, you will have your fundraising organization’s logo, website address and contact details printed on calendars and displayed to people all year round. You will have the name of your organization broadcasted to all the people who will buy these calendars and awareness towards your fundraising causes will be raised as well. Once you know how to market and advertise such calendars, new potential customers and donors will find out more about your organization.
  • Next, you may go for quality car magnets in order to make sure that your organization’s name will be displayed all over the country. For instance, you may go for simple magnets that are designed to display the name of your fundraising organization, its slogan and even a website address in order for people to contact you. By using such car magnets, you will also allow your supporters to take pride in what they are doing, namely supporting your charitable cause.
  • Organization cookbooks are another wonderful idea that can increase awareness towards your fundraising organization. Once you get some great recipes, you should collect them in a cookbook and let people talk and even spread the word about it.
  • Fortune cookies are an effective idea as well when it comes to raising awareness towards your fundraising organization. For instance, in each of the fortune cookies, you can place a little piece of paper with a proverb, quote or fortune and, on its backside, you can add smaller adverts for your own fundraising cause.
  • Wristbands can be used as well in order to raise awareness towards your fundraising cause. For instance, you may go for silicone bracelets that come in various colors and sizes. Even if they look like rubber, such silicone bracelets are both stylish and comfortable. Plus, they can emboss various slogans, symbols or phrases.              


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