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Unless you know how to build a team of enthusiastic and motivated people who are led by a truly motivated coordinator who knows how to take proper care of every single detail, your future fundraisers may easily become a real matter of luck. So, building the right project team for your fundraising events is a key factor when it comes to achieving all the results you want. First, you will have to choose the right people for the job – keep in mind that every individual has his/her own desires, interests and strengths. So, you will have to choose a successful team leader who knows how to recognize all these qualities in people and match them in order to do just the jobs that are best-suited to their own personalities and abilities.

During each of your initial meetings, you should do your best and establish a membership profile in order to find out more about things that include the main skills of every individual, his/her contacts, career, hobbies, tools and experience. Next, you should evaluate your fundraising projects in order to find out what jobs you are going to need and how many people you will need for them. Once you have managed to choose the right persons, you will have to make sure that each of these persons fully understands his/her role in the fundraising project. So, you will have to choose a coordinator for the whole project who will have to read and understand every single aspect related to your fundraising project and oversee all the different areas of your campaign.

Next, you will need an advertising director who will have to carry out the necessary promotional campaigns, campaigns that may be developed through each of your planning meetings. Knowing each of your members and his/her abilities is paramount in order to plug him/her right into the correct spot. By doing this, you will be able to maximize your future profits. Just make sure that you are utilizing his/her contacts and networking skills in order to help your organization reach each of its fundraising goals. Having higher expectations from your fundraising team is efficient – just set some fundraising goals that are realistic.

Your team shouldn’t feel afraid that these goals cannot be reached. For instance, you may create a buzz with a really organized and systematic plan and some higher expectations in order to reach each of your fundraising goals. Be truly positive and enthusiastic when talking about the goals your organization has and try to increase energy in your team by becoming passionate and energetic about each of your expectations.

Next, you should try and understand how your fundraising team is not likely to be motivated – keep in mind that no one is likely to enjoy being nagged or badgered on a constant basis. So, you should try your best in order not to bother your fundraising team with motivational emails, updates or various stats. Just provide them with the exact expectations and facts and create the necessary groups that are able to stay in touch while working.       

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