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In order to achieve improved fund raising results, you will have to take extra time and come up with the proper type of reward program in order to motivate your team – make sure that your reward program can offer the right level of reward to each of your participants. Keep in mind that even a little reward has the ability to generate increased motivation towards your fund raising cause and efforts. However, you must make sure that your initial reward level is low enough in order for at least 50% of your team to get a direct reward. Also, you may go for group awards because such awards may stimulate some additional sales without having to spend too much time or money. But such an group reward should not be greater than the individual rewards.

Another thing you can do in order to establish the right reward system is to use merchant prizes – for instance, you may contact each of your local merchants in order to get better prizes that will mean even more to your future sellers. You may go for work deals that include merchandise discounts, movie passes, gift certificates, theater trips or miniature golf for your top five or ten sellers. You will have to make sure that you structure all your fund raising rewards in a fair manner – design a reward program that will reward each participant in a proportional way and is strongly focused toward winning participants.

Also, you may choose to have a prize preview in order to let your sellers find out more about the things they can win when reaching different levels of achievement. For instance, you should try and build the so-called want and desire in every participant in order for him/her to want to earn as much prizes as possible. Personal goals are paramount as well and you will have to motivate each of your salespersons by stating a self-selected and personal goal in front of every group. Then, you should tie a significant reward to the future achievement of that particular personal goal.

You should never underestimate the true power of being praised – recognition is a key factor when it comes to motivating your fund raising team and increasing their desire to work harder for your fund raising cause. For instance, you may hold a group awards ceremony and go for a nice touch such as award plaques especially if you can get such plaques at a significant discount. Offering valuable rewards is important as well mainly because nobody is likely to want junk things. For instance, you may go for coupons at one of your local fun centers for bowling, laser tag or miniature golf.

Progressive rewards may also be considered in order to motivate your fund raising team. For instance, you may choose to allow a roll-up combination that includes some little rewards into a bigger one. For instance, one of your sellers may choose a basic prize once he/she reaches a particular level of success or a bigger prize once he/she reaches the ultimate success. Party or wacky rewards are valuable as well because they may increase competition and motivation among your sub/groups. Regardless of the reward system you decide to use, you have to make sure that you show your genuine appreciation to your entire supporter base.

Just make sure that you do funny things with your team, things that are not related to fundraisers. Fun activities are a key factor when it comes to building camaraderie among your supporters and volunteers.                

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