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Meeting your donors’ expectations is more than genuinely honoring their gifts by using them in the exact way your donors intended. In fact, donors have much more expectations – for instance, they would like to pick and choose the fundraising cause they want to give to, customize the communications flow and receive an immediate feedback. Also, they are interested to have each of their opinions sampled and also be rewarded for each of their contributions. Actually, every donor is well intended when he gives and he is also well intended when he demands other services.

Donors are to be regarded as a key element when it comes to sustainability and it is paramount to keep a very strong relationship with each of your donors in order to retain him and maintain this precious sustainability. In order to achieve this, you will have to cultivate and maintain your own active donor base. Start by having a compelling purpose – make sure that your donors can relate to your fundraising activities/cause. Once you notice that there are more fundraising organizations in your own community and that they are all providing the same fundraising events/services, you must make sure that you differentiate your own organization from the rest of the other nonprofits.

Next, you will have to come up with an effective fundraising program – for instance, if you want to maintain your current donors and attract new ones, you must make sure that your fundraising organization produces results. Actually, there is no fastest and surest way to lose your active donor base than to have a whole year without any noticeable, forward progress. Regular communication about your fundraising needs and accomplishments makes the difference when it comes to maintaining an active donor base. This means that you will have to get all your fundraising information out to your public in order to let them know about your accomplishments. For instance, if you’re right in a period of fundraising planning, you will have to communicate what your planning will result in somewhere down the road.

Keep in mind that every piece of information about accomplishments is to be accompanied by explanations of your ongoing fundraising needs. In order to communicate with your donors, you should consider these 4 great methods in order to make the best out of your efforts. First, you should provide your organization with a user-friendly website as this communication method is not to be regarded as a luxury anymore. Emails and social networks are also important when it comes to maintaining your active donor base. For instance, you can use them in order to set up fundraising events and even post pictures of each of your fundraising activities. Newsletters and printed letters are also a way to go in order to get and keep a motivated and active donor base.        

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