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Online fundraisers are widely accepted and increasingly prominent and you should consider including such online campaigns when it comes to raising funds for your fundraising cause. Some of the most used products in an online fundraiser are the digital download products – such products will allow you not to just ask for money but also offer real products that come with a real value. Here are some tips for you to follow in order to let your potential donors find out about your online fundraising.

Start by placing a description and a link on your website or in the newsletters you send to them, hand out flyers or cards that contain a link and a brief story about what you are doing or send personal emails that offer a compelling description of your fundraising cause and efforts and ask the readers to buy your digital download product.

Some of the most effective digital download products that can be used for a fundraising are the e-books. E-books will save your time and money when it comes to raising funds – you will be able to spend more of these with your fundraising group in order to set up what is to be done next. Writing and selling e-books is to be regarded as a perfect solution in order to raise money for your fundraising organization. But keep in mind that there are various ways you can use such e-books in order to make them work in your favor.

For instance, you may ask some of your talented members to write an inspirational book about fundraising and the work they do in your own organization. You can have pieces of detailed information and pictures in such an e-book in order to make your potential buyers more familiar with the projects you are working at and with the people who have already been involved in these projects. List all the projects your fundraising organization had over a certain period of time.

Such an e-book can be sold both online or printed out at each of your fundraising events in order for your potential donors to find out more about you and your work. Another wise idea is to have each member of your fundraising team write a couple of pages describing his/her work and what your organization mean to the. This way, you will provide your group members with the chance to share their personal thoughts regarding your fundraising efforts and projects – also, they will get the chance to talk about the way these experiences have managed to change their personal lives as well.

Helping other through quality charitable endeavors is an experience that should be shared and an e-book is the perfect occasion to do this and raise funds from it. Also, you may try and hire professional writers in order to have such e-books written – they will document the activities of your fundraising group and write about them.

Also, you may hire a freelancer in order to have this job done. In this case, you will have to pay your writer and then try to sell your e-books on various websites. Keep in mind that an e-book is to be regarded as a genuine tribute to your whole charitable group and it is an item that will be totally available for all the years to come thus providing the chance to be remembered for your fundraising causes and efforts.          

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