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Any fundraising group that has less than 15 members on board is a small one. A group this small comes with its own benefits but it will also experience some difficulties due to its size. The main benefits brought by a small fundraising group include easiness on focusing on main fundraising goals. In the case of a small fundraising group, its members will not try to raise funds in order to support a general fund. Instead of doing this, members will be more focused on having urgent needs or specific fundraising causes for which they will try to raise the necessary funds.

For instance, having a specific cause or reason for your fundraisers is likely to be one of the best methods to get your team members full motivated to get involved along the process. Also, the outcome will be a more personal thing when it comes to a smaller fundraising group. A small size may afford easier communication because everyone can be easily called in order to have a talk about your fundraiser. However, a small fundraising group will experience difficulties as well – for instance, such a group will face the genuine challenge of having to meet some order minimums or reach wider network of potential supporters in order to raise the necessary funds.

But such tasks can be easily surmounted if your team members are truly dedicated to your fundraising cause. For instance, you may go for fundraisers that need no or lower minimums. Once you are looking for the right type of fundraisers for your small group, you will have to find everything you can about the necessary minimum order levels. By doing this, you will avoid doing all the work required for your fundraising event and end up with no funds at all. So, you should try and discuss with your group in order to find out more about the ideas they consider to be the best for your fundraising organization.

Keep in mind that the best method to carry out each of your fundraisers with your small group is to mix publicity, participation and following-planning. Also, you will have to come up with creative ideas in order to hold really successful events. For instance, you may go for a neighborhood garage sale – this type of fundraiser will be easier to manage by your small organization.

All you will have to do is to gather all your members and try to brainstorm about such a fundraiser. Make sure that you hold this garage sale in a place where all the neighbors are able to actively contribute their goods, effort and time in order to transform your garage sale into a successful fundraiser. Make your fundraising cause clear in order for every participant to understand it and become really willing to participate.               

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