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Any group that is doing fundraisers and has less than 13-15 members is to be regarded as a small fundraising group. Such fundraising groups are likely to experience some difficulties mainly because of their size. However, benefits can be expected as well and they include the fact that it’s easier to focus on fundraising goals when in a smaller group. Usually, fundraising groups that have less than 15 members will not need to raise money for the so-called general fund. Instead of raising money for a general fund, a smaller fundraising group will be able to focus on specific goals that can also be used to motivate the whole group to fundraise even more.

Also, the outcome is likely to become more personal to each member of the small fundraising group. Easy communication is another benefit that can be encountered in the case of smaller fundraising groups. In order for a small fundraising group to raise more money efficiently, there are several tips to be followed. First, if your fundraising group is a smaller one, you will have to start by defining your current supporter base. Before starting to fundraise, you will have to take your time and think about all the people who are most likely to become your supporters.

Make sure that you have a loyal core supporter base and once you have the necessary supporter profile, you will be able to choose the right fundraisers that are appealing to as many supporters as possible. Next, you will have to know everything you can about all your information channels – just think about your supporter base and consider the way these supporters will learn about each of your activities and events. Sending the necessary pieces of information to each member of your fundraising group is a good way to start but you will also have to make sure that other potential supporters learn about your fundraisers. For instance, you can try to get some attention and coverage from your local media – try contacting some reporters at the local newspapers in order to get the necessary media coverage for your fundraising events and activities.

Embracing the internet is another way to go as it’s quite safe to assume that most of the supporters are likely to spend time online on a daily basis. For instance, you should make sure that your fundraising group is listed on all the websites that catalog your specific cause. Also, you should make sure that you are provided with an active list of e-mails. For instance, in order to build this necessary list, you can add an extra feature on your own website in order to collect new addresses of all your supporters.

Once you have a larger e-mail list, you will be able to build stronger channels for getting all the information you need and also spreading the news about your fundraisers. Setting some realistic goals for your small group is paramount – make sure that you accept nothing less and keep in mind that fundraising is likely to be all about numbers. Once you know the exact amount of money you want to raise for your cause, you will be able to determine the exact amount of money that each of your members must raise. Also, you will be able to set members’ specific goals and choose the right types of fundraisers.               

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