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A common mistake among fundraising organizations is to scale back all their fundraising efforts mainly due to the current severe economic downturn. Instead of doing this, fundraising organizations should try their best and adhere to some core fundraising fundamentals. Face to face time is paramount when it comes to maintaining the relationship with the key donors. This will allow a fundraising organization to take a better look at and understand all the values, goals and needs of prospective and present donors.

By using this piece of information, your fundraising organization will earn the genuine right to ask for donations. While many fundraising organizations are still keen on organizing special events and utilizing direct mail and marketing in order to secure possible donations, you must remember that nothing is going to be more effective than meetings or conversations.

Here are some tips for you to use in order to raise the necessary donations during a recession time. First, you should try and know each of your donors on personal levels because people are less likely to be able to say no to an individual who they really like talking to. Secondly, you should remember that objections are to be regarded as your best friends and you should not be afraid to address each of them because this is the way for you to position your organization for ”the ask”.

Just make sure that you can provide measurable results and context because your prospective donors need to understand why your fundraising mission is so important and why they should donate money to your organization. Telling various stories about all the individuals that your fundraising organization has already helped is a great way when it comes to offering the necessary context for your prospective donors. Next, you should ask for introductions and referrals to other people who might become interested in joining the same fundraising cause. 

You should make sure that asking for various increases regarding the existing donors is a priority for your fundraising organization because donors are not likely to increase unless you ask them to do this. Just remember not to overlook the genuine value of such regular requests. Here are some tips for you to use in order to plan all your future recession fundraisers and make them successful.

First, you should choose only lower priced fundraisers that can suit your community. Keep in mind that choosing valuable fundraisers for your community is paramount when dealing with a recession time. So, you should go for fundraisers that will require less spending and may offer value to each of the individuals who are supporting your fundraising cause.

Next, you will have to motivate your fundraising group or team – you can do this by offering prizes and incentives for every member who generates high profits for the organization. Also, you should choose fundraisers that focuses on togetherness and encourage family time – go for cookie dough fundraisers during holidays!

Offering things that people need is essential – for instance, magazine fundraisers, wrapping paper or even Christmas trees fundraisers are likely to allow your potential donors to buy things that they really need and have already planned to buy.            

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