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Specific and more personal approaches are the key factor when it comes to sending fundraising e-mails because they can really strike a sensible chord with each of your potential donors. This is the main reason why you should dispatch the so-called cookie-cutter template when sending letters to your supporter asking for their donations. Fundraising letter templates are to be regarded as a real mistake because they can insult your potential donors, mislead each of your fundraisers, are ineffective and they cannot help you generate a sustainable income, retain your loyal supporters and build the relationship you need in order to keep your fundraising going. Such fundraising form letters are far too generic for almost every occasion and you should consider crafting letters that have the necessary specifics of your fundraising projects thus outlining all the main goals of your fundraising campaign.

For instance, you must tell your donors where their donations will go and provide them with enough information in order for them to find out how you are planning to use their donations. Even if a form fundraising letter may seem helpful because it can be a time saver, you should not use it for your fundraising campaign mainly because such a letter will make your fundraising organization look as if it has no clear goal. A form fundraising letter is likely to sound as if money were the most important thing for your fundraising organization and you are not likely to want this to happen. Instead, you must underline the fact that your fundraising goals can be achieved once you get the proper funding for them.Keep in mind that soliciting donations implies a genuine connection with each of your donors and this connection is to be made o n a personal level in order to retain them as regular and loyal gift givers. Form letters are not able to connect with your donors on such personal and emotional levels.

Without providing a precise insight into your fundraising projects, each of your potential donors may end up feeling that your organization asks just for money without asking people to become an important part of specific fundraising projects. It’s imperative to interact with each of your potential donors and make sure that you address them a genuine letter that appeals to them directly. Fundraising with direct mails should be all about building valuable and long-lasting relationships and connecting with your potential donors. Making your fundraising letters personal and specific is likely to increase all your chances of soliciting and receiving funds from people on a regular and repeated basis.

Turning your donors into repeat and loyal donors is likely to be possible only when emotional and personal connection is made – once a donor really feels that he is an important part of your fundraising project, he will become more interested to donate money in order to help you meet your fundraising goals.  Remember to include your previous results in each fundraising letter you send in order for the donor to see all the things that have been accomplished thanks to previous donations.

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