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Being creative about your fundraising efforts is all about planning events that can stand out from a crowd. Coming up with a unique idea will create a larger audience but it is not enough when trying to raise a significant amount of money. Therefore, following some tips can make the difference when planning to transform your creative ideas into real gold mines.

Start by choosing things that are of real interest to your audience. For instance, if your own non-profit group is focused on fishing, you should not plan events that are focused just on fishing – this is not a creative idea at all. Instead, you should think of things that can draw your whole community together and this should happen regardless of individual interests. Try and incorporate the cause and your interest into every event you plan; advertise the event in order to broaden your audience and increase your chances of reaping larger profits.

Next, you will have to set a decent budget for each of your projects (one piece of advice: try and limit the events to 3 a year in order not to tap out the resources you have). Keep in mind that people tend to become quite reluctant to continually donating money – therefore, you should not ask them too frequently. Here are some creative ideas that can make things go smoother than ever - try and include them into your fundraising events:

  • Goofy Olympics is a competition that will keep every participant entertained. You can have your participants pay by event or for the whole day in order to take part to this. For instance, the goofy Olympics can host competitions such as pie throwing contest, egg races and potato sack races. There are plenty of entertaining and creative ideas for you to choose from.
  • The market Day is a simple and extremely creative idea because you can offer fresh vegetables, fruits or breakfast items. Adding some flowers to this mix will make things even more appealing. Have every participant pay for these kinds of items and you can raise a significant amount of money without having to spend too much.
  • Kiss the Pig is another creative idea that can be used in order to raise funds, especially if you are planning a school fundraising campaign. You will need plenty of boxes with the teachers’ names on them – the parents and the students will bring in cash and place it in the box belonging to their favorite teacher. The teacher who earns the least will have to kiss the pig right there in front of everybody. Just imagine this - it is a moment that is worth paying to witness.
  • And there is also the so-called Murder Mystery Party – you will have all your participants enjoy a crime mystery Agatha Christie would be jealous of.  You can also add a tasty dinner to this mix in order to make the tickets more expensive – is there anyone who doesn’t like this combination?
  • Adults spelling the word “bee” is among the most creative ways of raising money. This can make your participants laugh and be impressed. Have you ever thought of bringing some adult volunteers in order to test their own spelling skills right here on stage and in front of the crowd? If not, it is high time for you to include this idea in one of your fundraising events – sell tickets to this spelling contest and you will end up with a quite hefty sum for your cause.  

All you need is a little brainstorming in order to come up with creative ideas that can make the difference for your fundraising efforts. The main advantage when dealing with creative and simple ideas is that the management of every event will become easier – you will be able to promote your organization without having to spend a fortune.Here you can find more creative ideas that can improve your future fundraising campaigns. Have fun reading and fundraising!   

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