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Coffee Fundraisers - The Basics PDF

Nowadays, coffee fundraisers are gaining more and more popularity and you might consider using this idea for your own fundraising efforts. One of the main reasons why coffee fundraisers are so appealing is the fact the more and more fundraising organizations are interested to avoid unhealthy food fundraisers – so, a coffee fundraiser may actually keep you in food fundraising but without having to use unhealthy foods in order to raise the necessary funds for your cause. By organizing a coffee fundraiser, you will guarantee a loyal following coming from your donors – offering such a popular product will create a perfect image and following for your present fundraising cause and efforts.

  • Also, a coffee fundraiser is easy to organize when compared to other types of food fundraisers that require sorting foods and making sure that all your participants show up in order to pick up their own orders. A coffee fundraiser can keep things easier and simpler mainly because coffee is easy to store and needs no freezing. If you are planning to organize a coffee fundraisers, here are some simple tips for you to follow in order to get the most out of your fundraising efforts.
  • For instance, you can go for fair trade and organic coffee in order to think outside the box and surprise your potential donors in a pleasant and tasty way. A fair trade and organic coffee guarantee the fact that its manufacturers are environmentally and socially responsible. Coffee is a product that many people use on a daily basis and organizing an organic and fair trade coffee fundraiser will make people more likely to get behind your fundraising cause and support your efforts in the future.
  • When planning to organize a coffee fundraiser, you will have to consider all your upfront costs – for instance, some of the coffee companies are likely to demand that you purchase their coffee upfront. Other coffee companies may also let your organization use some order forms in order to take the necessary pre-sales orders right before your purchase. Once you find  a coffee company that lets your organization take the necessary orders in advance, you will have to find out whether this company receives payments prior to delivering your goods or not. Also, you should check whether that particular company may send you an invoice instead.
  • Once you manage to find a coffee company that lets your organization take all the orders, you may rest assured because you will not have to worry and think about your possible upfront costs anymore. Another important concern is shipping cost. You will have to find out whether the coffee company will charge you in order to have your items shipped or if it offers a free shipping once you have an order over a particular dollar amount. Keep in mind that you must pay attention to the shipping costs in order to prevent these costs from eating all your fundraising profits.
  • Next, you will have to consider all the time lines involved especially if you are organizing a fundraiser based on taking pre-orders. Make sure that you have a guaranteed and exact delivery date for each of your customers.Also, you must know how long the orders will take to arrive and how long in advance you will have to process your order. Plus, you will have to analyze the logistics of distributing the coffee orders to each of your recipients.      

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