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If you want to organize a fundraiser that offers professional supports and also has quite impressive and already proven track records when it comes to raising significant funds, you may try holding a chocolate fundraiser. Such a chocolate fundraiser does not have to be about offering candy bars – for instance, you may go for fancier chocolates because gourmet chocolates are likely to be a better seller than the ordinary candy bars. Gourmet chocolates are something people indulge in and they are not likely to normally spend money on such items.

Once you decide that you will have gourmet chocolates for your fundraiser, you will have to work with professionals in order to make the best out of your efforts. Go looking for the companies that may offer you gourmet chocolates for precise purposes of fundraising. For instance, smaller and individually packed chocolates are likely to be sold up front. Your organization members will have to go out and sell these chocolates at higher prices in order to raise the necessary funds. Also, a company can provide you with special brochures in order for your fundraising group to show them to your potential customers. Your donors will be choosing the favorite chocolates and even the packages they like and have their order placed with your organization. Once you manage to collect all their orders, you will have to submit them to the company that will deliver the chocolates. It’s best to hold such chocolate fundraisers around special holidays when people are more likely to center their attention on foods and sweets.

So, if you are interested to hold a chocolate fundraiser, you will have 2 options at your disposal: to sell chocolates directly and then collect your money right on the spot or you can order the chocolate well in advance and have it delivered later. If you go for “on the spot sale”, you may have your chocolate ordered well in advance and delivered in some easy to carry cases. Once you go for this solution, you will have to pay up front, soon after you have ordered the chocolate – once you sell  a chocolate, the collected money will go directly to your organization. Keep in mind that it’s easier to sell chocolate when your potential customer is already looking at your box of goodies. If you want to order chocolate and sell every sweet item you have on hand, you may earn anywhere from 40% to 50% profit.

Keep in mind that chocolate sales are to be regarded as a genuine spur of the moment. The main disadvantages when it comes to direct chocolate sale include the fact that you must use plenty of incentives in order to keep each of your volunteers motivated because their inters may flag quite quickly.Also, you will have to take extra care in order to store the chocolate you are selling and prevent it from getting too warm. This may become an issue unless you find a dry and cool place where you can store it. If you go for a brochure sale, you will have to come up with a brochure that contains all sorts of chocolates, take the necessary orders for them, have them delivered and only then collect the money for your fundraising organization.

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