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If you have a computer and the necessary internet connection, you can set up a fund raising blog in order to raise the funds you need for your cause. A blog-a-thon is like other traditional fundraisers but you will hold it on the Internet. All the participants will write various blog posts – they will do this during a particular set time frame in order to raise awareness for your organization and money. You can collect money in several ways. For instance, if there is a blogger who already has a popular blog that earns significant amounts of money on a regular basis, its earning during your particular blog-a-thon may be donated to your fund raising cause.

Also, bloggers may ask various sponsors to pledge amounts of money in order to pay each of their blog posts. The necessary donation buttons may be placed right on the blog in order to collect money from every person who reads the content of the blog. In addition, various addresses can be posted in order for donations to be mailed.  A blog-a-thon comes with plenty of advantages – for instance, you will not have to face any constraints regarding weather, geographic location or physical condition of your potential donors. Actually, every person who has an internet connection may be able to participate and donate funds during your blog-a-thon. 

A blog-a-thon must be conducted in a very professional way – publicity and advanced planning are paramount in order for your attempt to be successful. Also, you will have to provide the participants with guidelines to be followed in order to get donations and pledges. Setting up a fund raising blog isn’t a hard work as long as you follow the next tips. Remember that blogs are great communication tools and you should use them in order to engage plenty of prospects and donors in your online conversations. For instance, you may start telling compelling stories regarding your fund raising work and ask for gifts.

Once you decide to fund raise with a blog, you will have to know your exact donor audience. For instance, you should try and find out whether these people hang out online a lot or not. Once you find out that people need help in order to find your fund raising blog, you will have to place your blog URL everywhere on the internet in order for the potential donors to find you.

Next, you will have to know your key messages and your edge – the edge is a platform from which you will speak from.  In order to find this necessary edge, you will have to think about the genuine controversy in your fund raising mission. Next, you will have to come up with the key message that will tell your potential donors how you are planning to solve the controversy.

Driving increased traffic to your fund raising blog is next and you will have to post the necessary links to your fund raising blog everywhere you can on the internet. For instance, you should gather plenty of email addresses belonging to your donors and send them invitations in order for them to join your blog conversation.

Make sure that you are telling stories, thus sharing facts and statistics  in order for every potential donor to see what your organization is doing and find out more about your fund raising efforts. Don’t forget that fund raising is emotionally based and your blog-a-thon will not be the exception from this rule.   

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