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Volunteers are to be regarded as an essential part of every fundraising campaign. Volunteers should have the ability to inspire and motivate all your potential donors in order to play an active role in your fundraising cause. Also, they should help you hold the fundraising event by performing all the necesasry tasks. However, you have to be the one who knows how to approach the right people who are interested to work as volunteers for your fundraising organization.

You need to convince these potential volunteers that they should get involved with your fundraising efforts and selflessly provide you with their efforts and time. Here are some tips for you to follow in order to make sure that you recruit all the volunteers your organization needs.You will have to start by knowing the exact places where you can recruit eh volunteers you need for your fundraisers. For instance, talking to people and networking are key factors when it comes to recruiting new volunteers.

So, you should try and talk to your present supporters at each of your fundraisers in order to find out whether they would be interested to become your volunteers or not. Ask them whether they have though about supporting your fundraising cause with their time instead of their money. Also, you should try talking to your current volunteers as well in order to find out whether their families or friends would be interested to play an active role in your fundraising campaign.

Another thing you can do is to advertise at various locations such as colleges and high schools. Keep in mind that most students are likely to already have a certain volunteer work s on their own resumes. Also, you should  look for volunteer bureaus because such locations are designed to match up the potential volunteers with opportunities that may meet their needs and interests.

Once you have managed to get people who are interested to become volunteers for your fundraising organization., you will have to explain to them everything that they may expect from a fundraising campaign and group. Make sure that you explain all your fundraising plans in order for them to understand how they can participate and guarantee your fundraising success. Next, you should ask for a feedback in order to find out more about their planned participation level .

Also, try and find out as much as you can about their knowledge about fundraising campaigns/events in general. Remember that you need volunteers who are motivating, energetic and full of various and useful information. Training your new volunteers should not be regarded as hard work – just make sure that each of your volunteers is right on the same page with your fundraising efforts.

You may start by showing your volunteers your current fundraising plan in order  for them to see the bigger picture. Allow each of them to ask various questions in order to fully understand how each of them may fit into your planned fundraising expectations. For instance, you may tell them more about your past fundraising campaigns and let them know more about the exact new goals you are planning to have for the up-coming fundraisers.

Make sure that each of your volunteers has his/her specific task. Also, it is a wise idea to have your volunteers trained to perform all the tasks in order for the jobs to be backed up or even switched if needed.  Praising and thanking your volunteers is paramount once jobs are well done. Don’t forget that your volunteers need your thanks and appreciation as much as your fundraising organization needs their support and efforts.    

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