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 Sample Fundraising Letter: Mission Trip

Want to visit an underprivileged portion of the world so you can participate first hand in relief efforts? Travel, even for charitable purposes, takes money. An effective fundraising letter can go a long way toward helping you raise the money you need to fund a mission trip.


Dear [Recipient's Name]:


After watching countless news stories about the declining conditions in [location], my [organisation] has decided that it's time to do something to put an end to the suffering of

the region's population. We're in the process of organising a mission trip to [location], which is scheduled to take place [approximate date].


Our goal is to take much needed medicine and supplies to the population, as well as to spend time educating local residents about what they can do to improve living conditions for themselves. We're committed to providing immediate assistance, as well as to providing the people with skills and information that can improve their lives over the long run.


We need to raise [dollar amount] to fund our mission trip. We truly need generous support of community leaders like yourself to make this mission trip a reality. Won't you help us help the people of [location]. All donations – regardless of amount -- are greatly appreciated, and all funds raised will go directly toward the travel and supply costs associated with this mission trip.


Won't you please give generously on behalf of the people of [location]? Please submit your donation in the enclosed envelope as quickly as possible so we may proceed with planning this important mission trip. Thank you in advance for your consideration and for your commitment to helping make life better for those who are suffering in other parts of the world.







[Name of Organisation] Mission Committee



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