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Raising Funds for a Health Issue Sample Letter PDF


 Sample Fundraising Letter: Health Issue Support

The key to discovering treatments and cures for particular illnesses often lies with grass roots fundraising efforts. There are organizations dedicated to raising money to fight all types of illnesses -- from cancer to diabetes to heart disease, and many other dangerous illnesses. Fundraising letters can be an effective tool for soliciting donations for your favorite health related charity.


Dear [Recipient's Name]:


As you are probably aware [illness] is a serious problem that affects the lives of numerous individuals in our community and around the world. The [health organisation name] recently launched it's [name of campaign] fundraising drive, and I'm writing to ask for your support.


[Illness] is a serious problem that will continue to affect people's lives negatively until better treatments are available and a cure is found. [Name of organisation] relies on donations from generous individuals like yourself to fund the research necessary to make progress toward wiping out this serious threat to the health and livelihoods of affected individuals.


Won't you please make a contribution to the [campaign]? Our goal for this year is [dollar mount], and any amount that you are able to share will help us move closer to that goal, and to a cure. You may donate online at [website], oryou may send a check in the enclosed envelope. Thank you in advance for your consideration and commitment to helping wipe out this serious disease.







[Campaign] Fundraiser



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