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Free Sample Fundraising Letters
1 Raising Funds for a Campaign
2 Soliciting Sponsor Sample Letter
3 Sample Donor Thank You Letter
4 Construction Donation Request Sample Letter
5 Sample Selling Event Tickets Letter
6 Raising Funds for a Youth Group Disaster Recovery Trip
7 Recruiting Sponsors for Walk Event Fundraisers
8 Recruiting Business Sponsors for Youth Sports Teams
9 Raising Funds for a Student Trip
10 Raising Funds for Travel to Sports Competitions
11 Raising Funds for a Mission Trip
12 Recruiting Sponsors for a Marathon Fundraiser Sample Letter
13 Raising Funds for a Health Issue Sample Letter
14 Raising Funds with a General Donation Request Letter
15 Raising Funds to Support the Troops
16 Requesting Event Sponsorship Support
17 Raising Funds for a Campaign
18 Raising Funds Through Candy Sales
19 Annual Event Sponsorship Request
20 Raising Funds Via Workplace Donations
21 Raising Funds for Medical Resarch
22 Requesting Event Sponsorship Support
23 Raising Funds for Churches
24 Raising Funds for Annual Appeal Campaign
25 Requesting donations for a cause.
26 Request Items for Silent Auction
27 Getting Parents Involved in a School Fundraiser Sample Letter
28 Gathering Support for your Fundraiser Drive Letter Template
29 Raising Capital Campaign Sample Letter
30 Annual Telethon Fundraising Campaign
31 Recruiting Sponsors for Fundraising Races
32 Raising Money for an International Relief Trip
33 Recruit Participants for a Fundraising Event
34 Recruiting Golf Tournament Participants
35 Educational Foundation Fundraising Letter
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